What does your sleeping position say about your relationship?

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  • When you nod off at night, you might not put much thought into where you put your arms, or whether your partner’s knees are on your side – but it turns out that the way you sleep could say more about your relationship than you realise!

    New research from relationship psychologist Corrine Sweet and Travelodge has shown that there are 9 main positions that couples sleep in – and the one you keep falling into reveals a lot about how you and your partner relate:

    1. The Liberty
    A couple that sleeps like this is ‘connected and secure – this position shows both closeness and independence’.

    2. The Cherish
    According to Corrine, ‘this position shows a couple is relaxed and comfortable with each other – common in new relationships.’

    3. The Pillow Talk
    Lie face to face? ‘This position shows a need for intimacy and close communication in bed.’

    4. The Lovers Knot
    Getting all tied up and then parting represents ‘a compromise between intimacy and independence, allowing for the best of both worlds’.

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    5. Spooning
    Aww – ‘a traditional position where one partner takes a protective stance over the other.’

    6. The Romantic
    This position is often seen is early relationships – it ‘represents vibrant, passionate or rekindled love.’

    7. The Lovers
    A sign of reliance – Corrine says, ‘romantic and intimate, this position also shows a lack of independence from each other.’

    8. The Superhero
    ‘One partner dominates in bed, while the other takes a secondary role’ – which one are you?

    Or, if you don’t fit into any of the above patterns, you might be:

    9. The Miscellaneous
    This seems to be the fairest of all – ‘comfort comes first – whether you’re together or apart, it just works!’

    However, studies have shown that some couples have trouble sleeping together at all, with as many as 10% opting for seperate beds. If you’re having sleep trouble, bed specialists Dreams suggest the following solutions:

    1. Don’t go to sleep stressed
    Relax with a warm bath, quiet music or yoga – and keep those difficult converations for when you’ve got time to resolve them, rather than just before bed.

    2. Stick to the same schedule
    Routines are hugely important when it comes to sleep – if you’re a night owl and your partner is an early bird, try to find a middle ground so you don’t disturb them.

    3. Fix your snoring problem
    Argh – we all know the trials and tribulations of living with a snorer! Avoid sleeping on your back if you snore, and consider visiting a doctor, as it can indicate other health problems.

    4. Avoid stimulants
    No more late night choccy – cutting out caffiene at least four hours before you go to bed can help you drop off without any trouble.

    Do you think the way you and your partner sleep reflects your relationship? Leave a comment below and let us know!