Leo season 2022: When does it start, end and what it means for your sign

Leo season is upon us!

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Leo season 2022 is fast approaching. But what does it mean for Leos - and every other star sign?

Following Cancer season, Leo season 2022 is finally here. Celebrity psychic and astrologer, Inbaal Honigman, says: "During Leo season, those born under the sign of the lion feel powerful and purposeful. This sunny season is a time of passionate transformations. And with Leo being a fire sign, we expect it to be fast and furious." 

Much like finding your rising sign, it's good to know what Leo season 2022 means for your star sign. Following Mercury in retrograde and the July Buck moon, there's plenty in store this Leo season.

When does Leo season start?

Leo season 2022 started on Friday 22nd July. It begins with Mercury in Leo, meeting the Sun. As the Sun in Leo allows for frank and honest expression of each person’s truth, Mercury, the planet of communication joins in the fun, in making you feel as if you absolutely can speak plainly and be your true self.

As the fifth sign of the zodiac, the fire sign's month wants you to stop oversharing your energy and focus the majority on yourself. 

Astrologer Inbaal Honigman explains: "The sun moves from emotional, romantic Cancer to proud, fiery Leo. This marks the start of Leo season."

Leo season takes place at the same time every year. According to horoscope.com, Leos are "bold, intelligent, warm, and courageous. Leo is a natural leader of the Zodiac, ready to blaze a trail, vanquish injustice, and make a name for themselves along the way. Blessed with high self-esteem, Lions know that they possess enviable traits - and they're proud of them."

What can Leos expect from Leo season 2022?

Leos can expect a great deal of achievement and determination this season. Astrologer Inbaal Honigman explains: "During Leo season, those born under the sign of the lion feel powerful and purposeful."

She adds: "This sunny season empowers Leos and allows them to reach far beyond what they believed they could - and achieve more than they would during all the other seasons put together."

In terms of relationships, Inbaal says: "Leos feel secure and happy with their lot when it comes to their love relationships. During Leo season, their sunny nature attracts others to them, like moths to a flame, and they're likely to gather admirers around them. This may be distressing to their regular partners, but a Leo can enjoy the admiration without having to act on it."

So what about Leos' career this season? Inbaal says: "In their work life, Leos will feel as if the spotlight is on them. They always try their best, it's a Leo thing to excel at everything, but they're not always noticed. The bright sun of Leo season makes sure that their efforts are appreciated."

Is 2022 a good year for Leos?

It seems 2022 is a good year for Leos. Astrologer Inbaal Honigman says: "In 2022, Leo season is a peaceful time for all. Humanitarian efforts will come to the fore, and calm words will be spoken. It's a time for mature, established action."

According to Astrotalk, 2022 is a "year of stabilization and reshufflings" for Leos. "2022 is a year of juggling what you already have in your life and maintaining a big balance in your life."

So it seems 2022 is all about taking action and getting things done for the Leo sign, particularly during Leo season.

What other signs will be affected by Leo season 2022?

Fire signs will be affected most by Leo season 2022, this is because Leo is also a fire sign. This season is fire signs' time to shine and embrace the surge in energy, confidence and self-awareness.

However, according to astrologer Inbaal Honigman, some non-fire signs will be affected, too. She says: "The sign of Taurus sees a lot of action during this month, influenced by fiery planet Mars. Taureans will get a lot done, even if arguments around them cause them to step back a bit and reassess some friendships."

She adds: "The sign of Cancer also experiences a shift during this season, courtesy of Venus, planet of love. Romance will be on the up for Cancerians."

Leo Season 2022: What it means for your star sign


Astrologer Inbaal Honigman says that it might be a tough month for Aries. "With your ruling planet, Mars, in calm and mature Taurus for most of the season, you will have a lot of peace and quiet. You don't really love that, so find peaceful activities for this time of stability."


Leo season is a great season for Tauruses, Inbaal explains: "You speak up for yourself this Leo season, thanks to fiery Mars being in your sign for most of the month. Expect a big surprise on August 7th, when a loved one is moved to make a grand gesture."


It seems passion is in store for Geminis this month. Inbaal reveals: "You love keeping active, and this is a peaceful season, so you wait patiently and you are not disappointed. For the final two days of Leo season, and then moving forward into Virgo season, fiery Mars snaps into your sign, bringing passionate moments aplenty."


According to Inbaal, Cancers should feel at peace this season. "Feel like staying at home? Just as well. Venus, planet of the home, is in your sign until August 12, which means you will have everything you need right at your fingertips."


It's potentially a stressful time for Virgos. Inbaal explains: "On August 5, your ruling planet Mercury, which governs communication, phone calls and social media, sets up camp in your sign. Expect to wake up to a scary amount of emails, and have your phone buzzing with new messages frequently."


Libras seem to be in for a tough month during Leo season. "As much as you hate having all eyes on you, you will be grabbing all the headlines," Inbaal says. "For the second half of Leo season, you have some demands from a partner, and you're not backing down."


Watch out Scorpios, as Inbaal says you might be bumping into an ex flame this Leo season! "On August 14, you may just find yourself face to face with an ex. Could be more than one! Your ruling planet Pluto meets with your ancient ruler Mars, and surprising, uneasy meetings are inevitable."


Patience is key for Sagittarius this month. Inbaal says: "Your own planet, generous Jupiter, starts going retrograde from July 29, which can cause disruption in your travel plans. Don't panic, delays happen, nothing will be cancelled."


Inbaal warns that for Capricorns, someone may try and take advantage of your kind nature this Leo season. "Check that your boundaries are firm. Others may complain that they can't get close to you, but you've got to stay strong and keep saying 'my house, my rules.'"


This Leo season is all about putting yourself first. Inbaal says: "The full moon in your sign allows you to be more authentically yourself. On August 11, allow yourself to speak up. You love speaking up for others, but stand up for yourself, too."


It's a great season for Pisces, who can expect good news this month, according to Inbaal. "You've been expecting good news around your home, and it's finally coming. Jupiter brings success on August 7th, and a surprise announcement brings positive change."

When does Leo season end?

The last day of Leo season is 22 August. Astrologer Inbaal Honigman explains: "This is when the sun enters Virgo, which is a neat and sensible sign. Virgo season brings a lot of balance to all the different astrological signs."

Virgo season starts on 23 August and ends on 22 September and is connected to focusing on productivity, work and health.

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