Mercury in retrograde 2022: When is May's retrograde, what does it mean and how long will it last?'

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May's Mercury in retrograde is about to begin and could mean things are thrown a little off course in your life. But what exactly does Mercury in retrograde mean and how long will it last?

If you're hoping May will be your stress free month, then you might want to plan some relaxation techniques (opens in new tab) as because Mercury is the god of commerce and communication, these are the areas that are likely to be most often affected when Mercury is in retrograde.

For example, some people like to blame getting stuck in traffic, losing emails or texts, poor purchase decisions and all kinds of other mishaps on Mercury in retrograde as we look at what it means for you...

When is May's Mercury in retrograde?

This year May's Mercury in retrograde phase will officially begin on May 10, 2022 and last until June 3rd, 2022. But while the start is still a few days away yet, as we enter May, you might already feel the slowdown of life, projects and plans.

This age-old practice of astrology means we are all influenced by Mercury in retrograde, regardless of your star sign and there are certain steps you should take to ensure you're least affected by it.

People are advised to remain flexible, patient and understanding while also allowing extra time for travel, and avoid signing any new contracts that you're unsure of.

It's vital to double check those emails and and reservations before you take that trip to ensure all is correct and avoid any unnecessary mistakes which will cause more stress.

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What does Mercury in retrograde mean?

Mercury in retrograde means the planet Mercury appears to go backwards in its orbit. But it isn't actually moving backwards, it's an optical illusion which occurs multiple times a year because it takes just 88 days for Mercury to circle the sun, as compared to Earth's 365 days.

Forget wanting to know about Horoscope baby names (opens in new tab), in 2022 there are four times Mercury goes into retrograde and these are the dates you should know about, so write them in your diary:

  • January 13th to February 3rd
  • May 10th to June 2nd
  • September 9th to October 1st
  • December 28th to January 18th (2023)

And because Mercury rules communication in ALL forms - listening, writing, reading and speaking - plus activities close to communication including negotiations, contracts it can also affect travel, transport, shipping and mail.

So while it's best to just review plans and projects, it's encouraged to wait until Mercury is direct again before making any final decisions. And if that's not possible, have back up plans, and be prepared for others to get angry easily as communication breaks down.

How long will May's Mercury in retrograde last?

May's Mercury in retrograde is expected to last 23 days and will end on 2nd of June. After starting on 10th May, it runs until 2nd of June.

And while there's no avoiding it, you can plan ahead to avoid making any errors and hold off making any drastic changes to plans until the retrograde has passed, so sit back and simply ride it out.

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