20 (hilarious) signs that say you had a bad night’s sleep last night…

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  • You know that feeling.You wake up unsure as to whether you’ve actually slept at all, and from that moment on the rest of the day is, well, a challenge! Our schedules are so busy that it’s enough to send a person loopy as it is, without the added nightmare of getting through the day on little to no sleep.

    But we want you to know that you’re not alone. We’ve all been there, standing in the shower wondering why the conditioner isn’t lathering in our hair like shampoo should, answering the home phone with your work phone greeting and accidentally putting the dirty cutlery in the bin.

    For every sleep-deprived, confused and downright tired thing you’ve done, we can guarantee we’ve done it too. That’s why we’ve put together our top tell-tale signs of a serious lack of sleep, so you can see you’re not the only one!

    What ridiculous things have you done when you’ve been over-tired? Share them below, we promise not to laugh…

    1. You poured juice on your cereal

    2. You missed your stop on the bus this morning. And not just by one stop.

    3. You lost your glasses, then found them on your head.

    4. You cried watching Corrie (and it wasn’t even a particularly sad episode).

    5. You went to the shop for loo roll but came out with milk.

    6. You spent half the morning with your top on back to front (and didn’t have the energy to change it back).

    7. You gave the kids beans on toast for tea and explained that it’s retro.

    8. You sprayed hairspray under your arms and didn’t realise until after you’d sprayed deodorant in your hair.

    9. You did the school run in your slippers (they look like Uggs and that’s good enough).

    10. Your quick trip to the loo turned into an accidental nap.

    11. You put your little one in the litter tray and your cat on the potty.

    12. You tried squeezing into some socks for a good five minutes before realising they belong to one of the kids.

    13. You called up your other half and then didn’t have the foggiest why you’d called.

    14. You put dirty washing in the tumble drier instead of the washing machine.

    15. It got to 6pm before you realised you hadn’t looked in the mirror all day (‘Oh there’s that cornflake from this morning…’).

    16. You got in the shower with your socks on. You’re pretty sure you’re meant to take them off first.

    17. You found the remote in the fridge. Again.


    18. The front door still doesn’t open with your train ticket.

    19. You watched Thomas The Tank Engine before realising the kids went out to play in the garden half an hour ago.

    20. You wore your hair up today. And you NEVER wear your hair up.

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