Save 66% on Finish dishwasher tablets, with these Amazon Prime Day bargains

Amazon Prime Day Deals offer HUGE savings on premium brand Finish

Amazon Prime Day Deals illustrated by a bag of Finish dishwasher tablets
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Amazon Prime Day deals on Finish Dishwasher tablets is the gift that keeps on giving - well for 80+ washes at least. And then you need to buy more, so bag your bargain now.

Dishwasher tablets is a regular item many of us have to spend on so make the saving now while you can. Plus there are many cleaning hacks with dishwasher tablets too, like cleaning your air fryer, grill, even cleaning off toilet stains - they're a worthy investment. And Amazon discounts a lot of Finish dishwasher tablets - with up to 63% off some items - including deep clean and rinse aids to keep you dishwasher clean and in working order.

It's worth noting that Amazon Prime Day is a short affair, and ends tonight Wednesday 13th 2022 at midnight. So take advantage while you can! You have to sign up for Amazon Prime membership; Sign up for a free 30-day Amazon Prime trial here.(opens in new tab)

Membership to Prime is free for the first month and then £7.99 a month after the initial 30-day free trial period. You can cancel your Amazon Prime membership anytime. If you don't want to pay for it, you must cancel your membership before the 30 days is up, otherwise, you will be charged.

It's also worth taking the time to install the Amazon app on your phone so that you can keep track of lightning deals throughout the two-day shopping event as Prime Days are short flash sales that end after a limited period of time.

Amazon Prime Day Deals: Finish Dishwasher tablets


 Finish Ultimate Infinity Dishwasher Tablets, WAS £26, NOW £10.29 (SAVE £17.25)
Finish is premium brand that delivers on it's promise of 'ultimate cleaning performance' again and again. With these there's no need to pre-rinse which saves p to 1000 litres of water a year. Plus they're a bargain.

Best seller

 Finish Powerball Power All in 1, WAS £26.00, NOW £10.35 (SAVE £15.65)
This best-selling bag of tablets promises over 110 cycles and has a whopping 60% off today - the last day of the Amazon Prime Day deals. So don't miss out on this great bargain. 


 Finish Ultimate Infinity Shine Dishwasher Tablets, WAS £30, NOW £12.75 (SAVE £17.25)
Make a huge 58% saving on this premium brand dishwasher tablet. It boasts a Protector Shield which effectively protects glass, and silverware to keep them shiny for longer - at half the price.

Biggest saving

Finish Dishwasher Cleaner, WAS £32, NOW £10.99 (SAVE £21.01)
We all know that bulk buying is the way to go when you want to save on those pennies. So clear our a cupboard and make space for eight dishwasher cleaners, it's worth it. 


Finish Rinse Aid for Shiner and Drier dishes, WAS £16.22, NOW £10.95 (SAVE 32%)
Make room for this pack of six Finish Rinse Aid, a premium brand it promises spot prevention on glassware and 100% better drying results. Bag your bargain today.

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