Parents, this teacher has just revealed what they’d *really* like from your kids this Christmas

“Can I get an amen, teachers?”

Teacher embracing student after receiving a Christmas gift
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It’s no secret that teachers go above and beyond for your children, so if you’re looking for ways to thank them, Christmas is the perfect time to show your appreciation. 

If you don’t have time to trawl the internet for the best teacher gifts, we have some intel on what teachers really want as an end of term gift. 

In a “highly requested video” on TikTok, @amessybunteacher has provided the gift-giving cheatsheet of the season that’s going to really help you out. 

As a teacher herself, this TikToker knows what her colleagues would genuinely love to receive from their students, and the gifts they’d get a lot of use out of. 


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First up was the Tile Mate that helps you keep track of everyday items such as keys, backpacks and purses. In the video, @amessybunteacher said: “I’m losing my mind and I’m losing my keys so I think this would be a good and practical gift.”

Gift cards are also an easy win for teachers, “especially when we do not have to cook dinner – can I get an amen, teachers?,” she asked. 

Tile Mate – was £19.99 now £14.99 | Amazon    

Tile Mate – was £19.99 now £14.99 | Amazon    

Never again will you have to wonder, where are my keys? Keep track of your phone, keys, remotes and more with this nifty gadget. 

She also pointed out that teachers have a great sense of humour, and they love it when parents get it, so this pack of pencils from Whiskey River Soap have “hilarious” one-liners such as ‘Idk, can you go to the bathroom?’ and ‘I have PTSD from grading papers’ that all teachers can relate to. 

For a cheaper alternative, these Tache Crafts Positivity Slogan Pens are the perfect gift to help make your teacher's marking slightly easier with each motivational quote.

A stand-out gift that @amessybunteacher recommended was this portable mini crockpot that’s so easy and convenient when teachers are strapped for time. She said: “You can plug into your classroom whether you have leftovers or just wanted to throw in something really quickly that you didn’t want to make at home so I think this would be super fun, and it’s a number one bestseller.” 

Vocha Electric Hot Pot – £29.99 | Amazon 

Vocha Electric Hot Pot – £29.99 | Amazon 

Who says you can't teach and do your food prep at the same time? Like @amessybun teacher says, you can plug this portable crockpot in your classroom when you're short on time. 

Cosy comforts go a long way at the end of a hard day, so @amessybunteacher also recommends fuzzy socks, rechargeable handwarmers (for those who are on break duty) and this oversized wearable blanket (£10, Amazon) that the teacher said “I would live in this if a parent got me this”. 

For something a bit more sentimental the TikToker also explained how she, like a lot of other teachers, loves to keep things that her students have made for her. To store them in one place, this storage box (Amazon, £16) will come in handy. 

She said: “I know a lot of teachers – myself included – hold a lot of sweet notes from my students or drawings, and I will always keep those, and I think a keepsake box for your teacher would be really special.”

Other users were grateful for her suggestions, with some commenting: ‘Lots of great ideas in here!’, ‘oooh Ugg socks and coffee gc in a crockpot! Sold’ and ‘As a teacher (elementary) I love these ideas!’.

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