'Without my mum, I'd get too low with the lows' - the England Euro squad have the sweetest relationships with their mums, and here's what they've said about the important influence in their lives

Even world class footballers need their mums

Jude Bellingham with his mum, Denise
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Hearing what the The England Euro squad have said about their mums will melt your heart - and prove the incredible support and sacrifices these women have given their sons.

The UEFA Euro 2024 tournament is underway, with all eyes on the England squad in the hope they can re-create the success of the Lionesses at their last Euro outing. The kids have got themselves into a trading card frenzy, and the adults are warming up their vocal chords ready to belt out Sweet Caroline after any England wins as the nation are engrossed in all things football.

After watching at the sidelines and supporting their children through rigorous training schedules, the Euro squad mums will likely be beside themselves with joy and pride to see them play at one of the most highly anticipated sporting events in the calendar. From what their sons have said about their mothers, proves they appreciate every moment of being championed by their mums - and that you always need your mum no matter what.

Speaking to The Sun about his mum, Denise, Jude Bellingham says "Without my mum, sometimes I’d get too low with the lows or too high with the highs and I stay pretty humble because I’ve got her around. She’s a great laugh as well. We get on so well, and we’re always doing stuff together. The role my mum is playing is massive. It’s probably the biggest role of anyone, more than my coaches and managers, to be honest."

Declan Rice has been vocal about wanting to quit West Ham as a teen because of terrible homesickness. According to Talk Sport, the player shares "I would cry on the phone to her because I missed her so much, and it would break her heart. Only recently my mum's brother was telling me, 'Your mum used to be in tears to me down the phone and like she wanted you to come home.' But then it's about really mindset like how really if you want to push on and make your dreams come true how much you really want it. And that's what I've done."

"Without my mum, sometimes I’d get too low with the lows or too high with the highs and I stay pretty humble because I’ve got her around."

Jude Bellingham

Marc Guéhi has spoken highly of the support he's had from his mum. In an interview with the England Football website, he shares "Your mum is someone you just rely on for everything don’t you? She has always been there for me, whenever I have needed her. Whether that is because I am tired and just need a hug or her always making sure there is food in the house for us, or how strong she is having to raise four kids, she is everyone in our family’s rock."

He continues "You appreciate your mum so much more as you get older and realise everything they have done for you. You realise how fortunate you are to have a mum like that and to have someone who cares for you so much."

Kieran Trippier credits his mum for saving his career from excessive partying. Speaking on the High Performance Podcast with Jake Humphrey, the England defender speaks about too much drinking and once considering giving up football altogether. He says "I was living in Barnsley on my own in my apartment and my mum drove up and sat me down and made me realise what they sacrificed every day. My mum worked so hard to get us in that position and I realised how much it meant to my mum and that was the turning point for me."

Ivan Toney has possibly the sweetest tribute to his mum, beginning with "I’m a mummy’s boy at heart." He adds "It’s so important to have that connection and it means I’m in the best place as a footballer too. It’s all so surreal now. When my mum sees my name on Sky Sports and a graphic of me next to Mohamed Salah, she goes crazy! The amount of pictures she’s sent me that she’s taken on her phone of me is unreal." 

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