Trading cards are bringing major nostalgia vibes for Euro 2024 - here's 4 reasons they're your child's new obsession

Ahead of the Euro 2024 kick off, we look at why kids are obsessed with trading cards

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With the Euro 2024 tournament kicking off today, we take a look at the trending toy of the tournament, that's got kids embracing a rather nostalgic trend.

There's a whole raft of classic toys that you can still buy today, including the best toys of the 90s, and it turns out that there's a Euro 2024 themed toy sweeping the collections of football fans across the country that has a real nod to the past - collectible trading cards. These cards, available from Amazon, Argos, and Smyths, have young football fans caught up in the summer sporting event hype and buzzing with the excitement of collecting and swapping the cards with the hopes of ending up with a full set.

GoodtoKnow's Consumer Editor, Heidi Scrimgeour, shares that these cards are her football-loving daughter's latest obsession. "My daughter is literally obsessed with the Panini England football trading cards ahead of the Euros starting this week.

"She takes her binder to school and they spend lunchtimes swapping and trading cards. She fully hopes to collect the whole set and make millions from it one day, especially if England win the Euros."

While these cards and their sticker counterparts are the latest fad for the kids (in spite of some controversy), the idea of a toy like this is nothing new. When I was a child, it was a Gladiators sticker book that was all the rage, and my friends and I would be so excited to buy our packs of stickers from the local newsagents, exchanging Lightning's face for Wolf's legs with the hopes of coming into possession of one we needed and filling all of the spaces in the sticker book.

Soon after, came the glorious appeal of Pogs and Tazos - coin-shaped cards with various designs, from celebrities of the day, Looney Toons characters and more, that were infinitely collectible. Since then Pokemon and Disney Lorcana trading cards have continued the trend.

But what is it about these cards that holds such appeal?

  1. In part, it is the companionship with something larger, whether it is a sporting event, TV programme, comic book or even music stars.
  2. They allow your child to extend their affinity and build on their passions.
  3. Then there is the exciting problem-solving and negotiation skills that come with identify gaps and opportunity for swaps, and establishing fair trades with their friends so they may both build their collections effectively.
  4. Beyond that, there is the epic satisfaction and self esteem that comes from successfully completing a collection. That collection in itself can become a wonderful keepsake that your little one can reminisce over in the years to come.

If you think your child might be interested in Panini's football cards and stickers, we've found three options to help them get started.

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