6 things kids love to hear their parents say to each other, according to a couples counsellor

Find out how these simple phrases can benefit your family

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Kids pick up on everything - including what you say to your partner. Here are six phrases you'll want them to hear...

Maintaining a romantic relationship while raising children isn't easy - that's a lot of plates you've got to keep spinning just for those two things alone, let alone everything else life throws at you. Between matrescence and explaining the mental load, it can often feel like parenting is at odds with fostering a healthy relationship, but that doesn't always have to be the case.

In fact, some parenting hacks can also improve your relationship, as counsellor Erin Mitchell explains. Erin and her husband Stephen are the founders of Couples Counseling for Parents - which does exactly what it says on the tin. And over on her Instagram, she's shared six phrases of love and gratitude that parents can say to each other and kids will love to hear.

6 things kids love to hear their parents say to one another

  1. "Thank you"
  2. "I am so glad you are [child's name] other parent"
  3. "I love getting to be a parent with you"
  4. "You are working hard and doing a great job"
  5. "I am glad we're in this together"
  6. "I love you"

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Writing in the caption, Erin explains, "The health of our couple relationships is of paramount importance to the health of our families. Sometimes the best thing we can do for our relationship is the absolute easiest... just say the thing. Let’s let our kids hear their parents speak gratitude and love to one another."

In the carousel post, she adds, "When kids hear their parents speak gratitude and love to one another it may make them blush, it may make them role their eyes, it may make them smile ear to ear, but one thing it certainly does - it helps them to feel rooted, safe and secure."

And Erin's followers were quick to share their feelings on why love and gratitude in a relationship are important to them when raising kids. One said, "My daughter is only 13 months so she doesn’t speak really but when her dad and I kiss goodbye in the morning, she giggles. It’s the cutest".

Another added, "When my husband and I hug, my 3 year old always wants to run up and join in. We have lots of family hugs".

Meanwhile, one follower wrote in the comments, "Kids are like sponges. This is such a great reminder of how we show up is so important not just for your partner and you, but your kids".

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