The One Show host Alex Jones is pregnant with her second child

Alex Jones reveals pregnancy

The TV presenter was congratulated by viewers as she revealed the happy news on The One Show.

41-year-old Alex Jones revealed she is pregnant with her second child last night.

She and her co-host, Matt Baker, were wrapping up the BBC show on Monday with guests John Bishop and Nadiya Hussain, when Alex decided to share the exciting news.

Turning to cradle her bump as Matt stood beside her looking delighted, she revealed to viewers: 'A bit of news before we go. I've not been on the mince pies, there is a little baby in there!'

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Nadiya Hussain, John Bishop and the studio audience all roared with applause, before Matt put his arms around Alex and congratulated her and her husband, Charlie Thomson.

Excited viewers also shared their congratulations on social media.

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Alex's second pregnancy comes 21 months after the birth her son Teddy.

She had previously admitted her and her husband were trying for a second baby earlier this year, but revealed that after falling pregnant very easily the first time, they were finding it more difficult to conceive the second time around:

'I have to say, the first time – absolutely fine. Luckily, God, it happened,' she said. But second time, not as easy.'

'I suppose I'm older now, but we took it for granted that it would be okay. But you don't really know until you start trying how it's going to go, do you?'

Alex has been praised for her refreshingly candid discussions about pregnancy and motherhood in the past, opening up to fans in her book 'Winging It!'

She revealed how, although she finds motherhood 'wonderful', she found things 'difficult' in her first year of being a parent.

She was also cheered on by fans at the beginning of this year after she posted a picture of her breastfeeding her son on Instagram.

One fan wrote: A beautiful picture! Thank you for helping to normalise breastfeeding.'

Congrats Alex!!!

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