The adorable Polish Christmas advert that's making everyone cry

Tears of happiness - don't worry!

A Christmas advert from the Polish version of eBay, Allegro, is winning hearts all over the world with its lovable grandpa.

The advert, which has been watched over 4 million times on the company's YouTube channel, features a cute old man who is determined to learn basic English.

He orders an 'English For Beginners' audio set from Allegro, and is very excited when it arrives in the post.

From that moment forward, he doesn't waste a moment in practising and learning a new language.

Image: YouTube/Allegro

From sticking Post-It notes on absolutely everything, including his Jack Russell, to accidentally proclaiming his love for a random woman on the bus, he's always on it.

Gradually, he can watch and understand thriller films in English, which leads to him reciting 'I'm gonna f*cking kill you' threateningly to his rubber duck in the bath.

Image: YouTube/Allegro

He orders a suitcase, and as you watch the story unfold you begin to wonder what he's preparing for.

Suddenly, he seems quite nervous and on edge. We see him board a plane, arrive in the United Kingdom, and get in a taxi to a house in London.

Image: Youtube/Allegro

A man opens the door to him, greets him warmly, and the old man makes his way past his son and daughter-in-law to a special little someone who's peering past the door frame at him.

As the little girl shyly walks up to him, the man, just as shyly, says, 'Hi. I am your grandfather.'

Awww! People all over the web have been touched by the advert.

'I cried at the end, so beautiful!' commented someone on YouTube.

An Allegro spokesperson told Buzzfeed:

'For years, we've strived to make both Allegro - the largest e-commerce platform in the CEE region - as well as our communication to customers bring joy, touch the heart and cause a mile.

'Such is this ad: about a grandfather who overcomes obstacles to reunite with his loved ones living abroad. Many Polish people share the same experience. Nearly one million Poles have decided to leave the country in search for a job, mainly heading to the United Kingdom.'

Image: YouTube/Allegro

'Despite the relatively close distance between the countries, family ties tend to weaken. Therefore, Christmas for many is a difficult time in which we yearn for more.

'But the story we are telling is all-purpose and can be easily understood by any other nation or community who can easily link the happy ending of a smile and tears of emotion to their daily human experience.'

We think they nailed it!

Is this your favourite Christmas advert of 2016 so far? Let us know in the comment section below!


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