‘Somebody told me labour is like dying’ Pregnant Amy Childs reveals labour fears

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  • Amy Childs has revealed that she’s scared of giving birth, after being told that ‘labour is like dying’.

    The TOWIE star is pregnant with her first child with boyfriend Bradley Wright, but despite being excited to become a mum, she has admitted that when it comes to actually giving birth she has some concerns.

    Not only has the TV personality been struggling with her pregnancy symptoms, she’s also expressed her worries for labour pain.

    Speaking to Reveal magazine Amy confessed she had heard labour was like ‘dying’.

    She said: ‘Somebody told me labour is like dying, but I have to get used to it now.’

    The 26 year old gave more details about her pregnancy woes when opening up in her latest column for New! magazine. The first-time mum is currently 31 weeks pregnant, ready to be expecting her bundle of joy in the Spring.

    But it seems that carrying her little one is already becoming too much for her after complaining of ‘sharp pains’ and being so uncomfortable she’s finding it hard to sleep.

    ‘I’m 31 weeks right now and I’m feeling very achy all over. I’m still not sleeping much and feel knackered,’ she wrote.

    Worryingly the business woman and model suspects that her symptoms could be a form of false painful labour contractions, a condition called Braxton Hicks.

    ‘I’ve also been having the odd sharp pain through my tummy, but I looked it up and it sounds like Braxton Hicks.’

    In an attempt to prepare for labour Amy has been trying hypnobirthing classes but admitted in her column she’s not sure it will work.

    ‘Who has a pain-free labour? I’ve heard it’s hell! I enjoyed the classes and felt very relaxed afterwards.’

    The TV star also admitted the idea of breastfeeding makes her ‘panic’, worrying that she won’t be able to do it.

    ‘I’m in a panic about breastfeeding. I really want to do it but I’m scared I won’t be able to.

    ‘When you’re pregnant you get a bit needy. Brad tells me to relax but I can’t.’