‘It’s been a huge wake-up call’ Mum blogger’s warning to other parents after her daughter ‘near-fatally choked’

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  • A mum blogger has issued an important warning to all parents after her baby daughter Eve ‘near-fatally choked’.

    Anna Whitehouse, who blogs as Mother Pukka, wrote about her scary experience on Instagram, describing how Eve could have died if she hadn’t intervened.

    Her daughter, who was born last year, found a felt circle from a craft set, which became lodge in her throat and caused her to choke. Thankfully, Anna knew what to do thanks to a friend who showed her how to save a choking child just days before.

    She explained in her post: ‘Tonight Eve found a rogue felt circle from a Princess Poppy craft set (swipe left) and near-fatally choked. Because of the texture, the felt got firmly lodged. Had I not listened to my friend Misty @cornerkitchene7 who by chance told me how to save a choking child (see the next photo) last week, I wouldn’t have known what to do.’

    Following the ordeal, the mum urged everyone to make themselves aware of what to do if a child is choking – even people who don’t have children – and shared an infographic that describes exactly what steps to take in that situation.

    Anna continued: ‘She’s ok but it’s been a huge wake-up call. Please take a look (even if you don’t have kids) because it was sheer chance that I knew what to do. It was chance that prevented something happening tonight. If you need a refresher First Aid Course check out @daisyfirstaid @britishredcross.’

    Many wrote in the comments section to praise the blogger and author for her quick thinking and for sharing her story.

    Evie and I have a big day tomorrow. It’s ‘our’ – she’s coming along because of the refusal of the 🍼 in favour of the 🍈🍈 – fourth interview/ voice test for a job I’m hankering for. There’s lots of people in the running, I’m functioning on approximately 5 hours 13 minutes sleep over the last four days and I’m the only one pitching up with a 👶🏻. But WHAT a wingwoman #eve #parentingtheshitoutoflife #flexappeal #motherpukka **also bringing a mate to hold the baby while I garble away for anyone wondering how it will work when she KICKS OFF. And whether I get it or not I’ll let you know who the company is at the end of the process. They have been incredibly accommodating around Eve and the 🍈🍈**

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    One said: ‘Nooo this is so frightening…I hope you only had to go as far as step 3! Thanks for sharing ❤️’.

    A second wrote: ‘So glad to hear she and all is ok. Can’t even imagine this….it’s one of every Mum’s biggest worries and fears. Big healing hugs to all ❤️❤️❤️’

    Another commented: ‘Yikes. Haven’t met you or Eve but feel sick reading this. Think it is everyone parents nightmare. So glad you were able to help her and great of you to use this platform to remind others to keep up their first aid knowledge.’

    Anna’s warning comes after a three-year-old boy sadly died in Australia last week, after choking on a bouncy ball.

    Little Alby was playing with was meant to be a party favour at his upcoming fourth birthday party, when it became lodge in his throat and fatally choked him, despite his mum’s efforts to save him.