Asda mocked for grammar fail on £4 Father’s Day t-shirt

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  • With Father’s Day just a few days away you might be busy trying to think of last minute gifts or looking for special recipes you can whip up.

    From a classic pair of socks, to a few bottles of beer and a novelty mug – the shops are overflowing with quick and easy options if you’ve left the gift buying until the last minute.

    While browsing in Asda, one shopper couldn’t help but share a t-shirt they spotted, which although at first glance is quite sweet, has a huge grammatical error.

    Posting in the Am I Being Unreasonable thread on Mumsnet the user asked: ‘To think Asda need a kick up the arse for this?’

    They posted a picture of the t-shirt and added that it had been seen in a number of branches.

    Can you spot the error?

    asda slogan tshirt

    Initial responses call the user out for being pedantic and some mistakenly think the user is taking aim at the stereotypical association of dads and beer.

    One person stressed: ‘I don’t find that offensive at all. I don’t know a single person who would wear it, because it’s naff. Taking the apostrophe and naffness out of the equation, what’s so offensive about it? There are dad’s who work really hard and are brilliant fathers. I wouldn’t even buy it if it were a card, it’s so naff, but what’s so deserving of a thread on mumsnet about it?’

    The original user explained: ‘It’s the misplaced, unnecessary apostrophe that concerns me. The message about drinking isn’t dissimilar to many cards, gifts, etc that are usually aimed at men.’

    Several other users commented in the same vein. One wrote: ‘I’m annoyed by the errant apostrophe. I do think large retail chains ought to have someone checking their products for spelling, punctuation and grammar.’

    They continued: ‘I’m sure most parents would prefer it if their children were not exposed to such errors, given that they’ll be tested on them all the way up to A level…

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