Homemade Father's Day gifts to give to Dad this weekend

It comes round once a year, so Father's Day is the perfect occasion for your little ones to spoil their Dad with homemade gifts. Check out these ideas...

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It's that time of year again, where dads the world over get their comeuppance via burnt toast masquerading as breakfast in bed and pasta shell "I made it myself" cards, yes it's Father's Day!

According to the origins of Father's Day, it's a relatively modern holiday, and it only comes round once a year - so Father's Day is the perfect occasion for your little ones to spoil their Dad with some homemade gifts.

Every child should see their Dad or father-figure as a superhero. Their superpower could be might be cooking up a storm in the kitchen or cracking out some classic dance moves, being the first one on the football pitch or the quickest one at pick-up time - but whatever it is, Father's Day is an opportunity to show Dad how much he is loved and appreciated by the kids.

With so many Father's Day gifts to buy out there, sometimes all Dads want from their kids is something homemade. Whether that's a hand-print card, a pen-holder for the office, something to keep the garden tidy or a picture for the fridge, kids of any age can get involved this Father's Day with these homemade gifts.

Check out these homemade gifts for Father's Day...

Father's day tool-shaped bookmark

homemade gifts for Father's Day

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If Dad is a fan of DIY (whether that's doing it or reading about it), then he's sure to love these cute tool-shaped bookmarks. They're really easy to make as well, so with a bit of adult supervision for the cutting part, it's a craft that's suitable for kids of all ages.

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Paper tie gift

homemade gifts for Father's Day

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This fun novelty tie is an easy gift for Father's Day this year. All you need is craft box essentials like colourful paper, ribbons and pens to make the tie and then kids can scribble away their messages to Dad all over it, decorating it with fun patterns and colours.

You could even use this craft to create some Father's Day bunting! It's sure to liven up any living space and add another special element to the day, making it feel more like a special occasion than ever before. Pair it with some easy baking goodies and you'll have a real party on your hands. We particularly love this idea for a Father's Day sponge cake.

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Father's Day card

homemade gifts for Father's Day

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Sometimes keeping it simple is best thing to do, after all there is such a thing as "too much mess". This card gift idea is unique and Dad will love it, but it's also easy and quick to pull together so it's ideal for a last minute Father's Day gift idea if you've run out of time.

Use coloured card, glue, scissors and colouring pens to make this card - or try out a craft kit from Baker Ross for fun sticker and glitter ideas.

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Dad's scribble mug

father's day homemade gifts

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What Dad doesn't love a mug for Father's Day? One of the best homemade gifts out there, with this tutorial you can see how to create your own scribble mug. Use sharpies or other permanent markers to make sure that the pen doesn't come off when you wash it, and watch your child's doodles (and Dad's favourite colours) come to life.

The messier the better with this craft - so it's a great one for really young children as well.

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Crayon letter picture gift

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For a homemade gift that lasts beyond Father's Day, try out this craft to make a crayon letter picture that you can then frame and hang up in the house. As well as being a great way for kids of any age to get stuck into crafting for Father's Day as they'll likely already have all the materials, this is a picture that can be enjoyed all year round.

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Dad's super storage

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Ideal for keeping track of keys and other bits and bobs around the house, this storage jar craft isn't only a great craft activity but makes a wonderful gift for Father's Day this year. Get the little ones to find out his favourite animal or ornament and then get painting with these jazzy jars...

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Put on a show

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Is Dad or the little ones a secret thespian? Give Dad and the kids their chance in the limelight this Father's Day with a Father's Day show! Little ones can begin, maybe even with homemade puppets, and then get Dad to join in with the show. It's certainly not going to be a present he's expecting and it's sure to be one that's remembered for years to come.

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Sometimes homemade gifts for Father's Day are not only the best because they're easy and often quick to make, they're the ones that Dad is going to remember in the years to come.

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