Ashley Jensen: We should embrace the lines on our faces and our blobby tummies

We've loved Ashley ever since we saw her play Ricky Gervais' ditzy sidekick in Extras - so we were pretty excited to interview her for an exclusive cover story in the July issue of Essentials magazine.

As well as answering all of our probing questions, the Scottish actress and mum-of-one agreed to play a little game of Truth or Dare with us - where she revealed how she'd feel about snogging her friend and former co-star David Tennant!

In reality, Ashley is happily married to fellow actor Terence Beesley and is mum to five year old Frankie -but she admits that juggling her career and a young child is a daily challenge...

Photography: David Venni

On being a working mum... 'I try not to feel guilty but of course I do.Every day is a juggle as we don't have any help when it comes to Frankie. It feels like we stumble blindly from day to day. Thank goodness for the mum network - friends I've made at the school gates have really helped me out.' 

On her lack of a fitness regime... ‘I'm ashamed to say I don't exercise. It's not something I'm proud of. I talk about going to the gym, but the only time I go is to take Frankie swimming. I know I need to strengthen myself a bit; I don't want my body to give up and occasionally I creak when I bend down. We've just build a gym in a shed in our garden - I've been in and looked at the machines, but that's about it!'

On learning to love our bodies... It's sad women have to try and conform to looking like we're 25 when we're not. I quite like a few lines around the eyes. I'd like to think I was dignified enough not to go down the Botox and plastic surgery route. It's very popular in LA, even among my friends who I consider sensible women. I'd look at them and say, ‘Have you had something done?' and they'd admit, ‘Yes, I'm really embarrassed about it'. It makes me sad that they feel they need to do it. We should embrace the lines on our faces and our blobby tummies; the important thing is we are here.'

Ashley is supporting Save The Children's No Child Born to Die campaign,

which is raising money for more healthcare around the world and urging the UK Government to get the next UN Summit to agree a goal to end preventable child deaths by 2030. Make a donation

and sign the petition at

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