Best baby massage oils 2021: The safest options to relax your baby

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  • Baby massage oils and techniques are great to help develop your baby’s senses and bring you closer together.

    Generally, baby massage oils and products are relatively inexpensive and a little should go a long way. Before investing, consider your child’s skin concerns, especially if they have baby eczema or are prone to sensitivity. Patch testing a tiny amount of a new product first can keep any potential adverse reactions to a minimum. Also remember that not all baby oils available have been designed with massage in mind, and may therefore be too absorbent to be effective in this scenario.

    How early you begin massaging your baby will depend on your unique circumstances, but if possible, Emma Nash, founder of baby care brand Tiddley Pom recommends starting as soon as possible.“You can start massaging from birth, but very gently. As the baby grows you can increase your pressure but at the beginning be exceptionally gentle – more like strokes than pressure moves.” One thing to bear in mind is that NHS guidance states, “Avoid using any oils or lotions until your baby is at least a month old,” which may impact your decision on when to begin baby massage. 

    In order for both parent and baby to fully reap the relaxing benefits of baby massage techniques, there are times when it should be avoided. Emma says, “You should not massage a baby if they are agitated, have a temperature, look or feel unwell. Your baby should be calm and relaxed. If they are full of energy and cannot settle then it’s best left until another time.”

    Most baby massage oils you can buy will be formulated with a blend of oils, but you can always pick and choose between those with specific ingredients depending on your tastes and your baby’s needs.  These include coconut, rosehip and jojona oils. “Always buy organic if possible, but definitely cold-pressed,” adds Emma.

    Best baby massage oil products

    To make navigating the shelves that bit easier, we’ve rounded up the very best baby massage products:

    1. Little Siberica Baby Massage Oil

    Little Siberica Baby Massage Oil

    Part of Natura Siberica’s dedicated baby range, this oil has been certified organic. The product description advises that you only need to use a single drop at a time, so one bottle should last for ages.


    2. Neal’s Yard Organic Baby Massage Oil

    Neal’s Yard Organic Baby Massage Oil

    A trusted brand as well known for their quality ingredients as for their soothing scents, it’s no surprise that Neal’s Yard’s Organic Baby Massage Oil is 100 per cent organic and hypoallergenic. One reviewer said, “I grew up with my mum using NY products, and the scent of this oil sent me back down memory lane. Beautiful scent. Beautiful feel.”


    3. Cowshed Baby Rich Massage Oil

    Cowshed Baby Rich Massage Oil

    Coax your baby into a relaxing sleep with the help of this moisturising oil. The blend of soothing chamomile, lavender creates a relaxing environment, while meadowfoam oil moisturises.


    4. Weleda Calendula Baby Oil

    Weleda Calendula Baby Oil

    Calendula is well-known for its gentle approach to skin and body care, making it the perfect choice for your baby’s delicate skin. “I’ve been using this product for 4 years now, with my first son and now newborn. Excellent oil for massaging and moisturising,” says one Boots reviewer.

    VIEW now – £9.95 | BOOTS

    5. Johnson’s Baby Bedtime Oil

    Johnson’s Baby Bedtime Oil

    Rituals and routine will help your baby to settle, and a nightly massage is a brilliant way to signify the end of the day. Johnson designed this oil for that very reason, and made sure it was tested with baby experts before bringing it to market.

    VIEW NOW – £3 | BOOTS

    6. Tiddley Pom Natural body and Massage Oil

    Tiddley Pom Natural body and Massage Oil 

    One for the eco-conscious shoppers, this comes in an aluminium bottle, with a choice of a reusable pump or screw top for refills. We’d recommend the pump, to minimise the risk of spills.


    7. Child’s Farm Baby Oil

    Child’s Farm Baby Oil

    If you’re worried about your baby feeling greasy after their massage, this lightweight oil is a good choice. One happy customer commented, “Lovely on skin not sticky or too oily. Smells amazing too.”


    8. Green People Organic Babies Nurturing Body Oil

    Green People Organic Babies Nurturing Body Oil

    We love a multi-tasker, and this oil can be used both on growing bumps and new arrivals. It’s free from fragrance, which will not only help with pregnancy nausea, but avoid unsettling your baby too.


    Baby massage oils to avoid

    • Peanut oil
    • Olive oil
    • Mustard oil

    Essential oils may be suitable in some cases, but as they are concentrated and very strong, they will need to be heavily diluted first. In fact, we’d tend to advise steering clear altogether and purchasing a pre-blended oil instead.

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