12 gratitude journals, positivity planners and activity books for teaching kids to process their emotions and manage anxieties

Children and teens can learn about big feelings with these handy journals and worry books

A collage of the best gratitude journals for kids
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If you've got a little worrier on your hands, or a teen who clams up when you want to talk about feelings, then you might be asking questions about their mental wellbeing. These gratitude journals and activity books could help.

Children's mental health can be a source of worry for many parents, but working out how to start a conversation about mental health is not easy. Some children may simply be too young to understand how to explain their emotions, while older kids may become withdrawn when the topic is broached. With recent NHS data showing that one in five children and young people in England aged eight to 25 had a probable mental disorder, many parents are looking for mindfulness activities for kids and other ways to help their children manage their feelings - and journaling is one hobby that could help.

Dr Charlotte Armitage, psychologist, psychotherapist and founder of No Phones at Home, which encourages families to put their phones away and focus on connecting, explains the benefits of using these activity books. "Journaling can help children to organise their thoughts and can be incredibly cathartic, because writing can help facilitate the processing of their emotions in a healthy manner. It involves reflecting on thoughts and feelings, working out how to structure these thoughts and behaviours, and then using our complex neural connections to enable us to write them down."

With this in mind, we've rounded up 12 of the best gratitude journals, positivity planners and other mindfulness activity books for kids and teens, to help them learn to process their emotions and cope with anxieties.

12 best gratitude journals, positivity planners and worry books for children and teens

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