One in five grandparents hate the baby names their children have chosen

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  • New research has revealed that one in five grandparents hates their grandchildren’s names, and the disagreements really are causing ‘baby name wars’.

    Popular 2017 baby names such as Tabitha, Aurora and Finn are branded ‘odd’, ‘ugly’ and ‘unconventional’, while others loathe ‘old fashioned’ names, as well as the fact that their own choices have been ignored.

    Some of the other monikers most disliked by the older generation include Charlotte, Jack, Lindsay and Noah.

    14 top baby names that are hated by grandparents

    1. Aurora 2. Edna 3. Charlotte 4. Lindsay 5. Sally 6. Bertha 7. Tabitha 8. Jack 9. Noah 10. Roger 11. Elijah 12. Frank 13. Finn 14. Ian

    The survey, conducted by Mumsnet, suggests that picking a baby’s name has never been more difficult and the outcome can sometimes cause families to dramatically fall out over the decision that’s made.

    These baby name battles mean that family members stop speaking to each other, while others refuse to use their grandchild’s name or use their own shortened versions.

    Mumsnet – one of the biggest go-to sites for parents – along with its sister site, Gransnet, quizzed over 2,000 parents and grandparents to generate their results, which showed that 19% of grandparents said they ‘hate or have hate their grandchild’s name’.

    One in six parents, meanwhile, said that they have a parent or in-law who hates their child’s name.

    The top reasons for grandparents’ objections, according to parents, were the name being ‘too odd’ (28 per cent) or annoyance their suggested name had not been used (20 per cent).

    Interestingly, 44 per cent of parents who reported objections said the complaints came from their own mother and 42 per cent cited mother-in-laws.

    Speaking to the Daily Mail, Mumsnet founder Justine Roberts said: ‘Choosing a baby name is fraught enough for parents if you’re only taking into account your own views; if you add grandparents’ biases to the mix it can become impossible, unless by some freakish chance you’re all in agreement that the baby has Cedric written all over him.

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