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Looking for inspiration? Look no further!

Considering baby names for your little one is one of the most exciting but also time consuming tasks expectant parents have to face. But fear not - we've got the scoop on the top baby names of 2017 to help you pick the perfect one for your baby.

We've taken a look at expert baby name website Baby Centre for the official list of the most popular baby names in 2017. It looks like there's a mix of both traditional baby names as well as more trendy monikers.

The list, featuring the top 100 baby names for little girls and little boys, has been inspired by many factors like the hit ITV show Love Island and the gender neutral debate.

Lorna Marsh, BabyCentre associate editor, said: 'Love Island was our surprise screen inspiration this summer. Although sadly, there were no registrations for Cash, which superfans will recognise as the name chosen by runner-up Chris Hughes for the doll he looked after as part of a parenting competition on the show! But could that be a name to watch in 2018 however?

'The number of parents choosing gender neutral names is of real interest after the gender debate took centre stage this year. And with Harley at number three of the gender-neutral chart and Quinn at number five it's possible Suicide Squad supervillain Harley Quinn influenced parents of both boys and girls.

'The appeal of delicate flower names is wilting in the face of more extreme forces of nature. Perhaps this return to the wild is rooted in millennial parents' desire to reconnect with the great outdoors. It’s certainly a growing trend to watch in 2018.

'And the popularity of Reggie, Ronnie and Alfie could be down to the Tom Hardy effect, as they’re all characters played by the British actor. Whatever the reason, BabyCentre parents clearly see the appeal of a bad boy.'

So if you need any inspiration to name your little one, check out the top baby names of 2017...

Baby Centre's top baby girl names for 2017

The top five for baby girls names in 2017 doesn't feature any new entries, compared to the top baby names in 2016, but it's reshuffled a little bit.

Olivia has retained top spot, while Lily dropped two places to number four. Sophia has incresed in popularity for top baby names in 2017, rising from third spot to second.

Emily has dropped one place, from number four to number five, and Amelia has entered the top three for baby names for girls in 2017, rising from fifth place.

Evelyn, Phoebe and Aria entered the top 20 baby names for girls in 2017, while Madison, Fatima, Amy, Aurora, Arabella, Hallie and Skye entered the top 100 - replacing Mya, Katie, Iris, Eden, Brooke, Nina and Bethany.

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1. Olivia26. Sienna51. Zoe76. Harriet
2. Sophia27. Harper52. Nur77. Rose
3. Amelia28. Hannah53. Imogen78. Lexi
4. Lily29. Ruby54. Luna79. Nancy
5. Emily30. Scarlett55. Lola80. Anna
6. Ava31. Maya56. Zara81. Amy
7. Isla32. Jessica57. Maryam82. Leah
8. Isabella33. Layla58. Bella83. Summer
9. Mia34. Matilda59. Holly84. Lottie
10. Isabelle35. Willow60. Anabelle85. Ayla
11. Ella36. Eva61. Eleanor86. Orla
12. Poppy37. Emma62. Eliza87. Clara
13. Freya38. Erin63. Amber88. Robyn
14. Grace39. Florence64. Abigail89. Gracie
15. Sophie40. Molly65. Lyla90. Heidi
16. Evie41. Rosie66. Penelope91. Lara
17. Charlotte42. Millie67. Niamh92. Maria
18. Aria43. Emilia68. Madison93. Felicity
19. Evelyn44. Mila69. Violet94. Sara
20. Phoebe45. Esme70. Fatima95. Aurora
21.Chloe46. Elsie71. Georgia96. Megan
22. Daisy47. Maisie72. Sarah97. Martha
23. Alice48. Ellie73. Elizabeth98. Arabella
24. Ivy49. Lucy74. Amelie99. Hallie
25. Darcie50. Thea75. Jasmine100. Skye

Baby Centre's top baby boys names for 2017

Muhammad has taken the coveted number spot in the top baby names list for boys in 2017, replacing Oliver which was crowned most popular baby boy's name last year.

John seems to be growing in popularity, rising 41 places to number 56, while Louie and Theodore were the other two highest climbers this year.

New entries to the top 100 are Ahmad, Syed, Hunter, Harley, Abdul, Roman, Parker, Levi and Joel, which replaced Connor, Alex, Sam, Callum, Dexter, Omar, Ben, Cameron and Seth.

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1. Muhammad26. Theo51. Caleb76. Albie
2. Oliver27. Mason52. Nathan77. Finn
3. Harry28. Arthur53. Ahmad78. Jesse
4. Jack29. Jayden54. Jude79. Toby
5. George30. Elijah55. Theodore80. Michael
6. Noah31. Max56. John81. Abdul
7. Leo32. Alexander57. Hugo82. Albert
8. Jacob33. Dylan58. David83. Eli
9. Oscar34. Edward59. Harvey84. Ali
10. Charlie35. Reuben60. Carter85. Bobby
11. Jackson36. Louie61. Jenson86. Austin
12. William37. Samuel62. Syed87. Blake
13. Joshua38. Harrison63. Arlo88. Stanley
14. Ethan39. Joseph64. Ollie89. Reggie
15. James40.Teddy65. Jake90. Roman
16. Freddie41. Daniel66. Ollie91. Kai
17. Alfie42. Aaron67. Ellis92. Gabriel
18. Logan43. Sebastian68. Hunter93. Frankie
19. Lucas44. Adam69. Ryan94. Parker
20. Finley45. Riley70. Luke95. Ronnie
21. Aiden46. Liam71. Harley96. Levi
22. Henry47. Zachary72. Ezra97. Tommy
23. Archie48. Luca73. Rory98. Evan
24. Thomas49. Elliot74. Lewis99. Jamie
25. Isaac50. Benjamin75. Tyler100. Joel

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