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    When you’re enjoying the summer holidays with your family, it’s easy to forget that there’s a marathon shopping trip for back to school supplies drawing closer – but getting all of the kids’ kit together doesn’t have to be a hassle.

    School uniform can feel like one of the trickiest items on the agenda – if they haven’t grown out of it before the term starts, they’ve often ruined it by the time they’ve finished the first week back!

    School trousers with adjustable waists are a godsend for mums who’ve got active kids who tend to shoot up in seconds – and not only do Tesco’s range come with this feature to ensure a good fit as they grow, many of the styles also have reinforced knees to help them survive all of the playground fun. Team them with a pair of Tesco’s durable, affordable school shoes (tested for 100,000 steps, don’t you know) and they may even make it through till next year!

    You also need tops, which most little ones also have a helpful tendency to cover themselves in mess, so this is where stain repellent polo shirts come in. Tesco’s special coating means that most spills will just slide right off, whilst more stubborn stains are a doddle to get out in the wash. Remember to add a jumper or a cardi to your list for when the autumn chill sets in too – their new advanced technology means they stay bright and bobble-free for longer.

    So that’s the outfit sorted – what else are you still missing? From a sports kit to a school bag to stationery to socks, there are so many items for you to pull together before the big day, and whether it’s your first child or your fifth, it’s entirely possible you’ve forgotten something. But fear not – help is at hand!

    We’ve listed everything your little ones will need for the coming school term in this handy downloadable list, which you can print off and keep. Stick it to your fridge, on your other half, on your child’s forehead if you think that might help, and tick off all the items you purchase along the way. And because Tesco is such a one-stop shop, you can blitz through it in a single trip (or even click and collect!)

    Download your free back to school checklist here

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