Ben Fogle uses his sister-in-law's breast milk to cure his eye infection

'I know it sounds disgusting'

Ben Fogle has revealed that he's used his sister-in-law's breast milk in an effort to cure an eye infection.

The TV presenter took to Twitter to reveal the unusual treatment to his fans, writing: 'OMG my wife has just put her sisters breast milk in my eye to cure an infection', and later giving an update which read: 'Update on the eye. I'm going in for more breast milk......'

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Whilst some of Ben's 286,000 followers were keen to suggest he give antibiotics a try instead, many applauded his faith in the natural remedy.

'Breast milk is full of all sorts of amazing stuff! It's a great cure for loads of things. Hope it works for you!' one exclaimed, followed by another who added: 'Yes it's an old remedy 👌 let us know if it's worked'.

'Breast milk is amazing stuff,' a third agreed. 'Put on sore baby skin hey presto'.

Ben's wife, Marina, and her sister Olivia, who gave birth to daughter Edie earlier this year

Speaking at a recent event, Ben explained to the Daily Mail: 'I know it sounds disgusting, but I had three lots of it yesterday.

'My wife administered it through a pipette straight into my eyeball. My sister-in-law said the antibodies in the milk will do my eye good. I don't know whether to believe it, but I thought I would try it anyway.

'When I could see it running in my eye I thought to myself, "This is a bit weird",' the father-of-two admitted.

Breast milk is often recommended as a solution to eye infections in children, with a report from NHS Fife Formulary indicating that it may be helpful in cases of mild conjunctivitis in newborns. Ben, however, has yet to update his Twitter following on whether or not the treatment has worked for him.

You can see Ben Fogle in the new series of Animal Park on BBC 2. 


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