Christmas cards that perfectly sum up a mum’s festive struggle

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  • Every year we seem to get the same Christmas cards, and sometimes it feels as though there’s only so many ‘Merry’ and ‘Holly Jolly Christmas’ wishes a person can take in a lifetime.

    Thankfully, as if by Christmas magic, some Christmas card creators started getting real about the festive struggle for us mums. It’s not all just shiny tinsel and beautifully wrapped presents… It’s overeating and answering the unbelievably hard question: ‘White, red or mulled wine?’

    So if you’re tired of the same old yearly greetings, here are a few of the best Christmas cards for mums to give or receive – do you agree?

    1. If you want to be honest 


    Tis the season to tell the truth…

    2. If Prosecco is your mate for life

    Image: TheCoverGirlmummy

    It’ll ALWAYS be there for you… As long as you have at least a tenner to spare, that is.

    3. If your love for pigs in blankets is strong

    Image: Diffydolls

    We’ll ignore friends and relatives if we have to for pigs in blankets. No question.

    4. If you’re the wrapping queen

    Image: EmmasExpressions4

    It’s the wrapping truth…

    5. If you don’t like to waste 

    Image: ZoeBrennanCards

    Because you have to compensate for the other 11 months of the year when you can’t drink mulled wine. Time is of the essence, people – pass us a straw!

    6. If you’re a turkey lover

    Image: LazyMice

    If you’re not struggling by the end of Christmas dinner, you’re most certainly not doing it right.

    7. If you’re really not feeling the Christmas spirit

    Image: PhoebeHigginson

    Don’t worry, grumpy cat is here for you.

    8. Or if you’re feeling all the Christmas spirits

    Image: oflifeandlemons

    Jolly Christmas indeed.

    9. If you really really love Christmas

    Image: ShoshyCadoodle

    You know, Home Alone on a loop come 1st December, mulled wine in one hand and all the advent calendar chocolate in the other.

    10. If you do what everyone else does 

    Image: LouiseWrightDesign

    It’s basically a Christmas tradition in itself.

    11. If eating is your holiday mantra

    Image: JoanneHawker

    This is true and everyone who says otherwise is playing Grinch with our festive happiness.

    12. If you want your other half to be generous

    Image: SimpleThingsPrints

    ‘Isn’t this card funny, hahahaha, here’s your credit card and off you go!’

    13. If you’re wishing for a white-but-not-that-white Christmas

    Image: ZoeBrennanCards

    Yeah, we still need to go out for boxing day sales.

    14. If you’re not fussy about your Christmassy source of joy

    Image: PipAndElwood

    Red Christmas sounds good too.

    15. If you’re up for Mission Impossible, Christmas edition

    Image: ZoeBrennanCards

    Do you volunteer?

    16. If you really love someone

    Image: ableandgame

    And we love mince pies, so that’s really saying something.

    17. If you’re the Rachel of the group

    Image: Diffydolls

    ‘The receipt is inside the bag… ‘ THANK HEAVENS.

    18. If you actually really love wearing your Christmas jumper

    Image: RudeCookieCards

    Bless your little festive soul.

    19. If you’re always up for a top up

    Image: EmmasExpressions4

    Here’s a Christmas miracle we’re actually not that fussed about.