The 17 most incredible homemade dens we've ever seen

From classic blanket dens and teepees to amazing structures made from just a few cardboard boxes you won’t believe the imagination of these parents and bloggers.

Everyone's made a den at some point growing up and for us they were magical little corners where we would spend all day and night if we were allowed.

Ours were generally a few sheets thrown over the back of the sofa and secured with piles of books, but it would appear as though things have moved on a little. These bloggers have set the den-bar extremely high and we can't wait to recreate some of these ideas with our little ones.

From classic blanket dens and teepees to amazing structures made from just a few cardboard boxes, these dens are so amazing, you won't believe the imagination of these bloggers.

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The flat-pack den

Image: Pinterest/ We love this clever flat-pack den option which can be kept under a bed or behind a door when not being played with. All you need is a couple of a big carboard boxes and some (ideally) brightly coloured tape. You could even get your little one to help you paint windows, doors and flowers on the outside to make it more individual to them.

The fireplace den

Image: Pinterest/ If you've got a little fireplace, space, nook or cranny which is empty, then this is a lovely way to perk it up, while also encouraging the kids to do more reading! We love the comfy looking piles of cushions, fairy lights and stack of books.

The cardboard city den

Image: Pinterest/ This is the thing kids' dreams are made of, and anyone can do it, we promise! All you need is lots of carboard, a black marker pen and some imagination. Let your artistic skills run wild on the buildings of your carboard city and get the little ones involved too, maybe you could make a replica of your house, street or town.

The milk carton den...

Image: Pinterest/ How clever is this? Instead of tossing milk cartons straight in the recycling, save them up and make this incredible den. You can make it in the garden too to save room in the house, as the milk bottles aren't going to come to any harm in the rain.

And, the milk carton igloo

Image: Pinterest/ This one has been made even prettier with some gentle lighting and some fake snow. Kids will love snuggling up in here for storytime.

The under-the-stairs den

Image: Pinterest/ There's nothing more magical when you're little than feeling like you've got your very own little private space. Under the stairs is perfect for children as they can get in and out of the neat space easily and the area under the stairs feels like a secret world when dressed up with a few blankets, paper chains and some bunting.

The Hoola Hoop den

Image: Pinterest/ This one might have to wait until a warm day but we love it none the less. Using a couple of hoola hoops and some spare fabric, this clever blogger has produced this fun and colourful den that the kids will love running in and out of in the summer months.

The teepee den

Image: Pinterest/ A classic den-style, the teepee can easily be made at home. Ask your children to help you find long, straight branches to make the support structure, tie the tops together at an angle and cover with scrap fabric to create a fun indoor tent.

The classic blanket den

Image: Pinterest/ Every child knows the joy of a blanket den. All you need for this one is a few sheets, pillows and some pins. Pin up all the sheets to the corners of your room, scatter the floor with pillows and there you have it! Warning: You may not be able to get them to sleep in their own bed once they've made this one.

The sticks and twigs den

Image: Pinterest/ If you've got little adventurers on your hands, they are going to love this one. Gather plenty of long, straight-ish sticks together, then try to find some with a little fork at the top so that you can rest the two kinds of sticks against each other to create a tent shape.

The soft-play den

Image: Pinterest/ Recreate the magic of a play area by building a fortress out of sponge blocks and shapes. You might not have these in your house, but it's worth splashing once if you often take the kids to soft play venue.

The umbrella den

Image: Pinterest/ Using an umbrella is a quick and easy solution to finding things to prop up your den's walls. All you need to add then is a sheet, plenty of cushions - and your favourite soft toys, of course.

The cardboard dome den

Image: Pinterest/ Can you believe this is made from cardboard? Using's clever pattern you can make this fun dome-den with just some old boxes and plenty of tape or glue. Spray painting it in metallic colours makes it look like a fortress!

The twinkle-lights den

Image: Pinterest/ Another variation of the classic teepee has been given a girly edge with white lace and fairy lights. Are we too old to have one of these in our bedrooms?

The secret fairy den

Image: Pinterest/ This mummy blogger made a fairy den for her child out of tree branches. Training climbing flowers up the outside has given it a pretty finish and also gives you a great excuse to get the kids to help with gardening!

The attic den

Image: Pinterest/ If you're lucky enough to have a loft or attic, don't waste it! Look how gorgeous this attic den is. Using the peak of the roof gives it a special, fairy tale feel. Add old mattresses and soft cushions to make a comfy corner for a chill out zone.

The bridge den

Image: Pinterest/ Using furniture you already have is a great way to make a fun den without too much work. This is a climbing frame simply draped with fabric and lights. You could even use a table to get a similar effect.

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