The most hilarious I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! Bushtucker Trial expressions ever

We don't envy these celebs at all!

If you're looking forward to the start of I'm A Celebrity, then you'll LOVE looking back at these hilarious pictures of the best Bushtucker Trial expressions throughout the years.

From Scarlett Moffatt and Paul Burrell to Gillian McKeith, Kim Woodburn and Katie Price - we've got them all. In fact, we were quite surprised to see how many we'd forgotten!

These expressions from the celebs are totally priceless - you'll be in fits of giggles! Scroll down to see our favourites...

Scarlett Moffat

We already love Scarlett for her brilliant quips on Gogglebox, but her faces when she was made to eat a camel's nipple were simply amazing.

Trial name: Big Bush Bake Off Year: 2016 Funny factor: 10/10

Carol Vorderman

But of course, Scarlett wasn't alone in the gross eating challenge and Carol's facial expressions were priceless! The jungle is a long way from Countdown!

Trial name: Big Bush Bake Off Year: 2016 Funny factor: 8/10

Ferne McCann

Poor Ferne had a phobia of spiders, so her face when she was made to eat a LIVE one was incredible. But she worked past her fear and swallowed the spider like the true star she is!

Trial name: The Bushtucker Bonanza Year: 2015 Funny factor: 9/10

Tony Hadley

Well he doesn't look too comfortable! The Spandau Ballet singer was trapped in an underwater coffin to try and collect as many stars as possible. Just the thought of being in such a small space makes us shudder.

Trial name: Depths of Despair Year: 2015 Funny factor: 8/10

Gillian McKeith

Gillian had a tough time in the jungle, being nominated for trial after trial (and who can forget when she fainted LIVE on air?). But that said, her reactions were some of the best from the whole series. Especially this one.

Trial name: School Dinners Year: 2010 Funny factor: 9/10

Dean Gaffney

We can't believe it's been 10 years since we saw Dean in the jungle! But his reaction to being covered in bugs never gets old.

Trial name: The Bush Spa Year: 2006 Funny Factor: 8/10

Charlie Brooks

Now, that's a look of fear - the trial name 'Panic Rooms' clearly lived up to its name for this Queen of the Jungle, Charlie Brooks.

Trial name: Panic Rooms Year: 2012 Funny factor: 9/10

Paul Burrell

Who could forgot THIS?! We don't know about you, but this is still up there with our favourite Bushtucker Trial faces ever - priceless!

Trial name: Hell Holes Year: 2004 (blimey, we can't believe it's been that long!) Funny factor: 10/10

Katie Price

Something tells us that whatever Katie's eating isn't that tasty? Puts you right off your lunch, doesn't it?!

Trial name: Vile Vending Year: 2009 Funny factor: 8/10

Linford Christie

Well we never thought we'd see Linford Christie looking like this? Gillian McKeith was originally voted to take on the 'Unfair Ground' trial, but appeared to faint during the live trial so Linford stepped in. What a gent!

Trial name: Unfair Ground Year: 2010 Funny factor: 9/10

Stacey Solomon

Stacey definitely didn't want to eat what was being presented to her in her Bushtucker Trial - and we can't say we blame her!

Trial name: Terrorvision Year: 2010 Funny factor: 8/10

Gino Di Campo

Gino was clearly not impressed by the food in his trial - well, he's used to a lot higher standards after all!

Trial name: Bushtucker Bonanza Year: 2009 Funny factor: 8/10

Sam Fox

Sam was in the jungle the same year as Gino, and the pair actually took on the 'All Washed Up' trial together. It involved having water spiders in your mouth and putting your head in a bowl of bugs - nasty!

Trial name: All Washed Up Year: 2009 Funny factor: 7/10

Pat Sharpe

This picture of Pat Sharpe had us chuckling for ages - we feel mean laughing at these celebs' misfortunes, but their expressions are too funny for us not to!

Trial name: Head Trip Year: 2011 Funny factor: 8/10

Janice Dickinson

Well that's not very polite, is it Janice? Anyone would think you weren't keen on this trial or something...

Trial name: Train of Pain Year: 2007 Funny factor: 8/10

Joe Swash

Joe had to take on this trial with Nicola McLean... and Joe looks like he's absolutely hating it. Well, it did involve eating a mixture of crocodile eyes, scorpions, crickets, silk worms and lots more creepy crawlies - yuck!

Trial name: I-Scream Van Year: 2008 Funny factor: 8/10

Matt Willis

Matt looked like he was hating every second of eating a crocodile's penis and who can blame him!

Trial name: Trio of Terrifying Trials Year: 2006 Funny factor: 9/10

Dougie Poynter

The King of the Jungle at the Final Party - and what an expression for the last Bushtucker Trial of the year!

Trial name: Final Party Year: 2011 Funny factor: 8/10

Mark Wright

Well it wouldn't be right to talk about Dougie, without mentioning Mark. The two had a serious bro-mance in the jungle and were the last two in the running to be named King of the Jungle.

Trial name: Final Party Year: 2011 Funny factor: 9/10 - does putting your fingers in your ears make it easier, Mark?

Helen Flannagan

'Deadly Deliveries' doesn't sound like the most inviting Bustucker Trial ever, and Helen certainly doesn't look like she's enjoying it!

Trial name: Deadly Deliveries Year: 2012 Funny factor: 8/10

Fatima Whitbread

Everyone remembers the classic story of Fatima getting the cockroach stuck up her nose. But this trial was later on in the series - and we're loving this expression!

Trial name: Splash and Grab Year: 2011 Funny factor: 8/10

Alison Hammond

Alison had to hold different critters in her mouth to try and win this challenge - and she doesn't look happy about it!

Trial name: The Dentalist Year: 2010 Funny factor: 8/10

David Emmanuel

Cockroach on your face? Rather you than us, David.

Trial name: Rotten Roulette Year: 2013 Funny factor: 7/10

Matthew Wright

With a name like 'Monday Night Takeaway', Matthew might have thought he was in for a treat when doing his Bushtucker Trial. Instead, he had to eat an ostrich penis...

Trial name: Monday Night Takeaway Year: 2013 Funny factor: 9/10

Joey Essex

Last, but not least, 2013's trial-trooper - Joey Essex. He might not be the sharpest tool in the box, but he certainly gave the trials a blooming good go!

Trial name: Hung Out to Dry and Monday Night Takeaway Year: 2013 Funny factor: 9/10

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