Britain’s young people vote for their top career choice – and you won’t believe what’s #1!

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  • The youth of Britain have been voting for their preferred career choice – and almost a quarter of them say that they want to grow up to be BLOGGERS.

    According to new research from, 24% of young people (aged 18-25) in the UK would like blogging to be their future career, and almost three quarters of them have already attempted blogging themselves.

    They also believe that this career path could make them a staggering £8,500 per month. Although this is unlikely for many of them, the success of stars like Zoella, real name Zoe Sugg, who has bought a million pound home and earns an estimated £20,000 a month from her Youtube channel and related endeavours, makes them believe that the opportunity could be there for the taking.

    Others named similarly big stars in the industry, including Jim Chapman and his wife Tanya Burr, Marcus Butler and Zoella’s brother, Joe Sugg, as their inspirations.

    When they were asked why they would choose blogging over other careers, respondents said that bloggers don’t have to do much work, they get paid good money, are admired by others, and get sent free products and invites to prestigious events. 16% simply said that blogging is ‘easy’.

    However, a life online isn’t for everyone – the rather more active career of sportsman or woman came in the second spot, followed by a job as a doctor and then a politician.

    The top 5 careers young Britons would like to pursue

    1. Blogging (24%)

    2. Sportsman/Sportswoman (18%)

    Doctor (14%)

    4. Politician (9%)

    5. Musician (7%)

    18% of young people would like to become a sportsperson like David Beckham

    What do your kids want to be when they grow up? Would you encourage them to follow their dreams of blogging, or want them to pursue a different path? Leave us a comment and let us know your thoughts!