Call The Midwife actress Victoria Yeates reveals childhood dream of adopting a baby

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  • Victoria Yeates has revealed her childhood dream of adopting a baby – and why spending time with co-star Helen George’s little girl hasn’t changed the Call The Midwife TV actress’ mind.

    During an interview with a newspaper, the actress revealed that getting to know her Call The Midwife co-star Helen George’s new little girl hasn’t changed her plans.

    ‘I’m not sure about babies,’ she told the Mirror. ‘It hasn’t really made me broody being around Helen’s baby.’

    Victoria and her partner Paul Housden would prefer to take in a youngster in need.

    She said: ‘If we do, we might adopt. There are so many kids that need homes.’

    It’s clear that adoption is something that’s always been on Victoria’s mind.

    ‘Ever since I was little, I don’t know why, my mum said I always wanted to adopt, and I was always worried about children that didn’t have anywhere to go,’ she said.

    ‘I would have this recurring nightmare, which probably came from watching Oliver Twist. I’d open the curtains and all these orphans were outside, hundreds of them that didn’t have homes. That was probably from when I was about seven.’

    The 34-year-old did however say that she would go on to have her own baby if she found out she was expecting.

    Victoria and Paul are set to tie the knot in June this year. The pair will jet off to France for their big day.

    ‘It’s in the Pyrenees in the south of France. Paul is a musician, so there will be loads of musicians there,’ she continued.

    ‘All the Call the Midwife girls will definitely be there, so that will be really exciting. I love them all so much, it’s going to be really good fun.’

    Victoria has been playing Sister Winifred on the hit BBC show since 2014 so it’s easy to see why she’s formed such a close bond with her co-stars.