'Please, please - I want to have kids' Charlie Webster admits fears she can't have children after malaria battle

The 34-year-old star suffered from the life-threatening illness last year.

Ex-Sky Sports presenter Charlie Webster has opened up about the after effects of her devastating battle with malaria last year, fearing that she has been left unable to have children.

Just nine months ago, Charlie's story shook the world when the television presenter was about to cover the Rio Olympics and had just cycled 3,000 miles across Brazil for charity.

But the night before the Opening Ceremony, the 34-year-old star collapsed with cramps, diarrhoea, vomiting and then uncontrollable bleeding. After being rushed to hospital doctors told her she was infected with malaria and a rare bacterial infection called hemolytic uremic syndrome.

Despite being told at the time that she would die, Charlie has learnt to walk and talk again, and is now taking on a number of projects to tell her story including a new book detailing her ordeal.

But although her recovery has been impressive, Charlie has recently visited hospital again to determine whether her illness has effected her ability to have children.

Speaking to The Sun, she explained that the thought of not being able to have children is something that worries her, 'I'm really worried I won't be able to have kids, because I love kids.'

Charlie continued to say that she's waiting to hear the results as the answers are not clear yet, 'It's weird at the moment and it's not settled.

'They are looking into it. It's a real, 'please, please' - I want to have kids.'

The former presenter also opened up about her love life since her malaria battle, admitting that she is single but would like to have a family of her own one day.

Charlie said, 'I'm not seeing anybody. I have been on a couple of dates but it is weird.'

She also spoke about how her traumatic experience has left her unable to drink alcohol because of the damage to her kidneys - which can sometimes be awkward on dates.

'One date actually drank a whole bottle of wine in front of me. I'm always encouraging and don't want people to not drink around me but going on a date, it's different. I'm sitting there watching him get drunk!

'It's not that entertaining for me and it's awkward as I'm asking for water. But I'm a cheap date! Maybe it's a good thing. I would like to be with somebody, to have a family.'


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