Comic artist illustrates labour in the most beautiful way

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  • Illustrator Chris Grady’s latest comic has gone viral after depicting the labour of his child in the most beautiful way.

    In the 8-panel strip, simply entitled ‘Her’, Chris recalls the story of his partner Danielle’s journey to the delivery room during the birth of their second child, an 8lb 9oz daughter, and the outcome is one of the loveliest things we’ve seen in a very long time.

    It opens with a drawn version of Chris looking down on his new baby, with the doctor commenting ‘Look at her, just look at her. So beautiful, so focused, so strong… isn’t she amazing?’

    The final boxes approach, and Chris agrees, but he’s not looking at his daughter – he’s looking at the woman who just gave birth to her.
    Image:Chris Grady/Lunarbaboon

    The touching comic is a fitting and incredibly sweet tribute not only to Danielle, but to mothers everywhere, and to all of the dads that truly appreciate what they go through to bring their children into the world (which, as we all well know, is quite something).

    Chris told us: ‘My wife recently gave birth to our 2nd child. It was an extremely powerful and intense experience for all involved. Although I was excited to meet my new daughter I found myself feeling more excited for my wife to overcome the challenge of delivering the baby. I was so impressed with her and I wanted to show how I felt in the comic.

    ‘I wanted this birth story to be about the strong, powerful person who did all the work and not the baby.’

    Aww – congratulations to Chris and Danielle on their new arrival. What a sweet way to mark the occasion!

    What was the sweetest thing your partner did for you after labour? Leave us a comment and share your own story!

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