15 times kids drawings got SERIOUSLY creepy

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  • Anyone else have notions of parenting being an innocent world of fluffy kids TV, beige dinners, cuddles before bed and cute artwork that you hang on the fridge?

    Yeah. About that.

    We love our kids, and everything that comes with being their mums and dads, but sometimes, they come out with some of the most sinister, unnerving things imaginable.

    From threats to younger siblings to unknowingly mournful declarations of love to parents, our offspring have given us actual horror-movie chills on more than a handful of occasions – and now it turns out, when kids aren’t saying creepy things, they’re drawing them.

    We’ve done some research and found 15 of the creepiest kids’ drawings the internet has to offer.

    Brace yourself for some serious shudders…

    1. This sinister psychic knows something we don’t, apparently…

    Image: Movie Pilot

    2. While this mini artist probably should have stuck with just the one ‘picher’…

    Image: Newslinq

    3. Okay, the film wasn’t great, but is THIS really necessary?

    Image: Rants from Mommyland

    4. Happy Deathmas, y’all!

    Image: Someecards

    5. Nice to see a child with faith in their own strength, if nothing else

    Image: Derplodge

    6. We pity the poor parent that stumbles upon this ‘collection’

    Image: Team Jimmy Joe

    7. No Irish holidays for this youngster then…

    Image: Imgur

    8. ‘My 11 year old’s birthday card to me. #blessed’, wrote the father of this child

    Image: Twitter

    9. Even Valentine’s Day didn’t deter this threatmaker

    Image: Imgur

    10. Is this touching or terrifying? We can’t decide

    Image: Someecards

    11. She’s got three checks, so she’s definitely fine

    Image: Pinterest

    12. Satan, Santa, basically the same deal, right?

    Image: Parent Fail

    13. If you squint really hard, it’s just a scarf with pom poms?

    Image: Classy Hands

    14. The parents of this child asked them to draw a picture of their imaginary friend…

    Image: Reddit
    And presumably had nightmares until the end of their days.

    15. While this kid just really, REALLY didn’t like his babysitter

    Image: Memes.com

    Send us a picture of the creepiest drawing your kid has ever done and we’ll add the best ones to our list!