Dad calls out Peppa Pig for having attitude

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  • For most kids Peppa Pig is the animated icon from their childhood that they will always cherish.

    For some parents, on the other hand, she is the bratty cartoon pig that they have to endure on the daily while their kids binge-watch her whiny tantrums.

    Of course there are those who, on occasion, use her as their own personal form of childcare – so, she does have some uses.

    But one dad has called out the little whinger for being a jealous friend.

    Queer Eye’s Karamo Brown posted an Instagram post talking about what a hater Peppa is.

    ‘Real talk friends, watch out for the #PeppaPigs in your life! There are people who don’t want to see you win & are jealous when you do!’

    Along with the caption he put up a clip from the kids’ TV show demonstrating just how sassy Peppa is towards her friends.

    The clip, which aired in 2013, shows Peppa calling up her friend, Suzy Sheep telling her that she’s learning to whistle but can’t do it yet and asking if Suzy can whistle.

    When Suzy tells her that she can’t Peppa says, ‘Oh good. I mean that’s sad if you can’t whistle, but good because I can’t whistle.’

    Suzy then says, ‘What’s whistling anyway?’ and when Peppa explains, her sheep friend gives it a try and discovers that she can in fact whistle.

    And in the shadiest move since Kanye rapped about how he made Taylor Swift famous, Peppa – who’s obviously jealous of her buddy’s new found skills – simply pushes a button and hangs up the phone.

    P that’s cold!

    Internet users went crazy on Brown’s post, with the ever-controversial pig dividing viewers, as usual.

    With comments like ‘And this is what we’re letting our kids watch?’, ‘Aaaand this is exactly why we stopped watching Peppa Pig in our house!’ and ‘Wow! That’s not exactly what we should be teaching our children!!’, many supported the caption, saying that they stopped their kids from watching because they felt that Peppa was a bad influence.

    But there were others who felt we should give the poor pig a break – ‘Just a thought… kids deal with every emotion we do as adults. I think its important that kids learn these emotions are normal, its how we deal with them that matters. My 3y/o loves Peppa Pig, and I believe by the end of this episode Peppa had learned that jealousy is something to be managed.

    ‘It’s so true that jealousy can show us who really cares about us in our lives, but I think its also a window into another’s world. Why are THEY jealous? Is there something we can do to help them if their heart is breaking? Some people really are just spiteful, but sometimes it’s a sign of someone’s aching heart.’

    However, it all seemed slightly overshadowed by the fact that earlier in the episode she refused to lick the cookie dough spoon, with users commenting ‘Also how are you gonna trust someone that won’t lick the cookie batter off of the spoon?’ and ‘But also, who doesn’t want to lick the spoon?? She’s obviously got deeper issues than not being able to whistle…’

    Let’s be honest, if you don’t want to lick the spoon, there’s definitely something wrong with you.

    Just saying – that is one shady pig.

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