Dad hilariously live-tweets Finding Dory at the cinema with his young son

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  • Gerry McBride, a dad from Ireland – who’s also a stand-up comedian and writer for Waterford Whispers News – has won parents’ hearts all over the web after documenting his experience of taking his son to watch Finding Dory at the cinema.

    Of course, trying to get a young child to sit through 70 minutes of a film in a dark room filled with other people is a nightmare in itself.

    Finding Dory, however, is almost two hours long, and Gerry was indeed struggling to sit through it himself, let alone get his son to settle down…

    Gerry has a history of tweeting hilarious things, but his review of Dory’s adventure is definitely not to be missed!

    We think it’s safe to say that the dad speaks for all other parents everywhere in this hilarious account…

    It all started with an innocent trip to the cinema, as it was cheaper to go on weekends. Gerry was sceptical of how likely his son was to actually sit down and watch the entire film, so he had his doubts well ahead of time.

    Gerry then sums up one of the most frustrating things about being a parent in the digital age, and laments on the price of cinema tickets these days:

    He also highlights the fact that these kids’ films always tease kids with their sugar-packed ads, which does parents no favours, and how Pixar insists on movies upon movies upon movies:

    Just seconds into the actual film starting, he and his son are already wishing for Toy Story instead.

    After commenting on multiple things surrounding the film’s plot and characters, mostly the fish managing to survive with so little water, Gerry wondered if the little guys would survive a squishing.

    He questions the film’s fairness towards how the more challenged characters are treated (by Idris Elba’s seal character, spelled with extra ‘h’s by Gerry)…

    Whereas nobody treats Dory the same way…

    Gerry’s son eventually gets bored like his dad, and starts running around the room to entertain himself.

    Gerry moves closer to the action to keep an eye on his kid, only to get himself landed in a bit of trouble…

    Of course, so many people tuned in and were loving the play-by-play, yet some were not keen on all the spoilers.

    You can’t please everyone, we suppose.