Dad who battled testicular cancer encourages men to ‘suck it up’ and be a ‘dream husband’

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  • A new dad has shared an adorable picture of his sleeping wife and their newborn baby, encouraging other men to ‘step up’ and take care of their little ones to gives mums a break.

    An Imgur user and father who won his battle with testicular cancer last year has received praise online after sharing a sweet photo showing him snuggled in bed with his sleeping wife and baby.

    The father-of-one posted the snap to image sharing site Imgur on Wednesday 8th February, and accompanied the candid picture with a note about being a ‘dream husband’.

    User avidclimber gave other dads his ‘*pro-tip*’ on becoming a ‘real man’ which involved recognising that mums go through a real ordeal and need lots of sleep.

    ‘After winning a battle with testicular cancer last year we finally got our first born son,’ he wrote. ‘3 *Pro-tip* Real men take care of their baby while mommy takes as many naps as she needs.’

    The dad continued, ‘She’s been through an ordeal! Suck it up guys and be her dream husband!’

    Image: Imgur

    Imgur users were quick to comment on the photo, with many congratulating avidclimber on his beautiful family and on beating cancer.

    One Imgur user wrote, ‘adorable kid so congratulations’ whilst another pointed out that these issues are important for men to push as well as women, ‘Too many dudes skimp out on this stuff. I think it’s something more dudes should be saying. Along with pushing for more paternity leave.’

    Commenting on the photo, one person shared their own experience of parenting, ‘Seeing parents work together (something I never got to experience from my own) makes me hopeful for your sweet baby. Thank you.’

    Another wrote, ‘I could cry. This is the most romantic thing a dad can do.’

    Hilariously some Imgur users were more concerned about how the mother of his child would feel about being photographed when sleeping, with one user commenting ‘She’s still gonna kill you for sharing this pic of her sleeping though.’