These three dads are learning how it feels to be 9 months pregnant – and their responses are brilliant!

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  • Being 9 months pregnant is a wonderful thing – but physically, it’s not a lot of fun. The backache, the tiredness, the poor, swollen ankles – we were an absolute state at the end of our third trimester, and couldn’t help resenting the hubbies who had no clue what it felt like to carry another (rather heavy!) human around.

    These three dads are about to change all of that, because for one whole month, they’re wearing ’empathy bellies’, which weigh a whopping 33lbs, to allow them to feel what it’s like to be 9 months pregnant. And as you’d imagine, they’re not finding it all that easy.

    Pregnant dads Jonny Biggins, 45, Steve Hanson, 46 and Jason Bramley, 44 in their pregnancy simulation suits

    Jonny, Steve and Jason are all parents already – the former has two children, whilst the other two dads have one child each – but until now, they had no idea what it felt like for their partners to carry their babies.

    The ‘expecting’ dads are keeping video diaries on their website to document their thoughts, and unsurprisingly, they’re already facing some struggles.

    As Steve explains, ‘Every day things like putting on your socks becomes a monumental task.’

    On day three, Jonny visited a pharmacist to help him with the weight of his bump.

    ‘I unzipped my jacket, exposing my belly and explaining my predicament to the woman behind the counter,’ he says.

    ‘I expected her to crack a smile or reel back in shock but she nodded professionally like she’s seen it all before, opened a drawer and placed an elastic waist strap on the counter. A few minutes later, with belly strapped firmly in place, I waltzed out of there with a new-found spring in my stride. It was wonderful, I could move again!’

    Steve, meanwhile, has been having trouble dropping off to sleep.

    ‘I tried to make a small city out of pillows around my bump,’ he revealed. ‘My boobs, which at first were quite a pleasurable novelty, soon became about as welcome as a fart in a spacesuit.’

    ‘Huge respect goes to all you pregnant mums out there. Every single one of you!’

    We think it’s great that these men are finally understanding what ladies around the world have been experiencing – and we can’t wait to see how they feel at the end!

    To keep up with Steve, Jonny and Jason’s progress as the month goes on, visit and their sister site

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