21 things that all mums think every single day

How many coffees is too many?

We admire any husband brave enough to ask his wife what she is thinking.

At any one time we are normally musing on a hundred different things, ranging from the predictable to the down right bizarre.

One Reddit user did exactly that, asking his wife to draw a diagram of 'what is on her mind' at any one time. After handing him her response, he didn't know quite what to make of the results.


While we feel that she did the female brain justice in many ways; 'Where is that one thing I can't find from two years ago?' and 'My boobs won't stay in my bra (they betray me)', there were definitely a few more thoughts she left off the list that our brain is treated to daily:

1. How many coffees is too many coffees?

Another one couldn't hurt could it?

2. HOW have I put on weight?

I had soup for lunch yesterday and everything. (Let's not mention the three rounds of toast.)

3. Wait. Is there still that half a Twix left in the fridge... ?

Better investigate.

4. I should really take out the rubbish. And tidy the whole house.

Best just watch Loose Women first.

5. When did I last shave my legs?

This must be a new personal record.

6. I definitely have put on weight.

Maybe it's water retention. Yeah probably. This will all just drop off.

7. That's it, I'm going to start a diet tomorrow. And the gym.

No, scrap that. I'll start on Monday.

8. How is it nearly time to pick the kids up from school?

But I had SO many things to achieve today.

9. I'm having a good hair day and no one is here to see it.

Life is so unfair. Would a selfie be a step too far?

10. How can I make salad taste great?

A side of chips would probably do the trick.

11. I wonder if the kids are happy.

I really hope they're happy. What could I do to make them happier?

12. I should probably try harder to help them with maths homework.

And make them listen to classical music.

13. How early is too early to open a bottle of wine?

Like, now, early.

14. Why is the house full of plastic carrier bags until I NEED one?

I will NOT pay the 5p charge when I was knee-deep in plastic bags yesterday.


Maybe everyone feels this tired?

16. Could I get away with leaving my children in the supermarket?

Just behind the fridges?

17. I definitely need a holiday.

It wouldn't be SO bad to leave the kids behind would it?

18. In fact I deserve to be given a holiday.

Husband. Anyone? Who wants to pay for me to lie on the beach?

19. Ergh if I don't take the kids to Disneyworld this year I am the worst mum ever?

I wonder how many Nectar Points one trip would be?

20. What did I do with all my spare time/money before I had children?


21. Was there even a life before my family?

If there was, I don't remember it.

What thoughts would be on your daily list? Leave us a comment below!


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