Dawn O’Porter reveals she’s tried using breast milk as a face cream

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  • Dawn O’Porter has revealed that she’s tried using breast milk as a skincare treatment.

    The mum of two, who welcomed second son Valentine with husband Chris O’Dowd in July, told the Daily Mail that she’d given the unusual method a go recently, but hadn’t been very impressed with the results.

    ‘I’m relying on good products, good food and lots of water to get me through this without looking like the walking dead,’ she quipped to the paper.

    ‘I also may have put breast milk all over my face the other day, because someone told me it would be good for my babies skin, so I figured it might work on mine too. I can’t say I saw an enormous difference.’

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    Author Dawn, 38, also opened up about the pressure on women to meet certain beauty standards, especially when presented with images from the media, adding: ‘People have to stop comparing themselves to celebs and just focus on the people around them.’

    ‘People in the public eye have an image to maintain, of course the average woman can’t always achieve those beauty standards.’

    Dawn isn’t the only star to have tried breast milk as a remedy as an adult – earlier this year, TV presenter Ben Fogle admitted that he’d used his sister-in-law’s breast milk in an attempt to cure an eye infection.

    ‘I know it sounds disgusting, but I had three lots of it yesterday,’ he said to the same title at the time.

    ‘My wife administered it through a pipette straight into my eyeball,’ he detailed. ‘My sister-in-law said the antibodies in the milk will do my eye good. I don’t know whether to believe it, but I thought I would try it anyway.’

    ‘When I could see it running in my eye I thought to myself, “This is a bit weird”‘.