Good news for Downton Abbey fans, after sources confirm film plans

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  • Good news, Downton Abbey fans! There are reports that there is indeed going to be a shiny new way help you get your costume drama fix – in a full-length film of your favourite characters.

    Although we can’t get too excited just yet as we’ll all have to wait patiently until at least Christmas 2018 for the new Downton Abbey film, if reports are to believed. It’s been said that the team will start production this year with filming running into next year, and perhaps the year after. Then again, they do say the best things are worth waiting for.

    It appears as though the line up will pretty much stay true to the characters we already know and love, with The Mirror reporting that valet to the Crawleys, Mr Bates is a sure thing – despite the actor’s slightly rocky recent personal life.

    Brendan Coyle, who plays maid Anna’s husband Mr Bates, has recently been banned from driving and has admitted to alcohol problems, too.

    However, we fear there may be some disappointed Downton fans with the news that one very iconic character won’t be returning. It is thought that 81-year-old Dame Maggie Smith’s character, Dowager Countess of Grantham, will have died in the timeline of the film – meaning she won’t appear. Who ever will deliver those genius one-liners we wonder?

    Despite no official comment from TV bosses a source told the Mirror, ‘There is a timeline in place – even though everyone is staying quiet about it for now. The film should be ready in time for Christmas 2018.

    ‘The script outlines are broadly in place. All the stars of the show have verbally committed to the film, which will be shot in the UK.’

    With Downton Abbey drawing audiences of up to 8 million at a time during its TV run we think this might just be a very popular film!