14 reasons Violet Crawley was the TRUE heroine of Downton Abbey

Move over, Lady Mary, your grandmother's out-sassing you again.

We told ourselves the day would never come, but alas, it has - Downton Abbey is coming to an end and our favourite super-privileged family will never grace our television screens again (well, except for the Christmas special).

The final episode airs on 8th November, and there's just so much we'll miss, from the totally true love of Anna and Bates to tiny George and Sybbie, Branson's down-to-earth charm to Mrs Patmore's incredible feasts. There's no more fabulous dresses, no more Isis the dog (or spoiler alert: her replacement puppy), and saddest of all - no more Violet Crawley.

The Dowager Countess might seem like a secondary character to most, but true fans know that she's absolutely the star of the show. She embodies what every woman should aspire to be (get your notepad out, Mary) - smart, sassy and the first person anyone turns to in a crisis, she's always there for her family, but won't stand for any of their nonsense.

She's provided some of the series' best one-liners and dramatic moments, and for us, she's the greatest loss.

Here are 14 reasons why Violet Crawley has been the true heroine of Downton Abbey from the start:

1. She loves her food


2. And the odd tipple


3. She has everyone at her beck and call


4. She doesn't take sass from anyone


5. And she’s not the most patient of women


6. But she knows how to get results


7. She's very busy and important


8. But always available to give great fashion advice...


9. ... or boost morale...


10. ... and if you’re having man troubles, she’s your gal



11. She struggles to get to grips with modern technology every now and then



12. But mostly, she’s got an answer for just about everything


13. (… except how to spend your leisure time)


14. And she always gets the final word.



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