Easter Eggsters: Everything you need to know about Easter's Elf on the Shelf

Meet your kids' new obsession...

Easter Eggsters

Easter Eggsters have been dubbed the Elf on the Shelf (opens in new tab) for Easter (opens in new tab) - but do you know what they are? Here's everything you need to know about what will likely become your kids' new obsession...

First there was Elf on the Shelf, Santa's naughty helper who shows up every Christmas to make sure children are well behaved.

Then we saw Reindeer in Here (opens in new tab), the anti Elf on the Shelf tradition that requires no parent involvement, and encourages children to create a bond with a new fury friend.

Now a new tradition could become as popular for Easter - here's everything you need to know about Easter Eggsters...

Easter eggsters

Credit: Easter Eggsters

What are Easter Eggsters?

Easter Eggsters is a new Easter tradition, created in the US by mum Destiny Shuenke. On the Easter Eggsters website (opens in new tab), she explains that she became inspired after her daughters asked her questions like 'Who helps the Easter Bunny?' and 'How does he know who is being naughty and who is being nice?'

To satisfy her daughters' curiosity, Destiny came up with Easter Eggsters - Easter Bunny's helpers.

What's the story behind Easter Eggsters and how does it work?

Easter Eggsters team of four includes a rabbit, a squirrel, a skunk, and a raccoon. The woodland animals are Easter Bunny's little helpers, who come along before Easter to make sure children are being well behaved and deserve their Easter treats.

The little guys come in colourful Easter eggs, alongside a letter from the Easter Bunny himself that explains the Eggsters are there to watch and listen for good or bad behaviour.

Each night, after the kids go to sleep, the Eggsters return to the Easter Bunny's workshop in their magical eggs to file their daily reports to the big guy.

The Eggsters return to the workshop on Easter Eve to give their final reports to the Easter Bunny, and stay there to help out with their busiest night of the year - until they return next year!

Where can you buy Easter Eggsters?

Easter Eggsters can be bought from the official website.

Would you try this new Easter tradition with your children? Let us know in the comments!