Reindeer in Here is Elf on the Shelf's new festive rival

Perfect for parents who aren't fans of the naughty elf

Reindeer in here

Reindeer in Here is a new Christmas tradition that could rival the popular Elf on the Shelf - but would you do it with your children?

Christmas family traditions are a great way to make the festive season an even more special time for children, as is swapping the positions of your elf on the shelf with these naughty elf on the shelf ideas.

From Christmas Eve boxes to an adorable North Pole breakfast, these cute traditions that you can follow every year as a family can help you create beautiful memories that your children will cherish for years to come.

Perhaps one of the talked about traditions in the past few years has been Elf of the Shelf, Santa's naughty helper who comes from the North Pole every year to watch children closely and make sure they deserve to be on the nice list.

But now the cheeky character may have found himself a rival in none other than the cuddly Reindeer in Here - here's everything you need to know about Santa's new loveable sidekick...

Image: Reindeer in Here

What is Reindeer in Here?

Reindeer in Here is a new Christmas tradition, created by Adam Reed, a dad and children's book author who wanted to start a new tradition with his daughter.

Adam admits to not being a fan of Elf of the Shelf on his website, and he's not alone. Many parents have spoken out in recent years to say that the tradition puts too much pressure on parents to move the elf every day (who now even comes with a wardbrobe bigger than ours), given children nightmares and even caused them to misbehave.

Writing on the Reindeer in Here website, Adam says he 'was taken aback by how creepy it [the elf] looked, how intimidating the story was to children, and how stressful the 'tradition' came to be for parents'.

So if you're on the #ShelftheElf team, Reindeer in Here could be the your new family tradition. Unlike the naughty elf who can't be touched, the reindeer engages with children and encourages them to create a bond with it. And the best part? You don't have to move it every night...

Image: Reindeer in Here The reindeer is not a fan of the elf

What's the story behind Reindeer in Here and how does it work?

According to Adam's book, the story behind the Reindeer in Here starts many years ago, when Santa asked his reindeer for help in locating each child's home.

Santa also wanted to learn more about the individual children, and so one 'special little reindeer who was born with one antler smaller' suggested that he sent reindeer into kids' homes ahead of Christmas so that they could watch the child and learn more about them.

Unlike Elf on the Shelf, parents don't need to get involved (Cue a collective sigh of relief). Children are encouraged to name their reindeer and show them around as much as possible, so that the fluffy animal can get a good overview of their life. Every night when the child goes to bed, the reindeer sends a detailed letter to Santa telling him all about what the child got up to.

Come Christmas eve, kids should say goodbye to their little friend and put him under the tree, so that he can go back to the North Pole with Santa.

Where can you buy Reindeer in Here?

While it's not available in retail stores in the UK yet, Reindeer in Here is sold on Amazon US and the makers of the toy have announced that they will provide shipping options for the UK when you check out.

Do you think Reindeer in Here could replace Elf on the Shelf? Let us know in the comments!

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