‘I feel I let him down’ Peter Andre’s wife Emily talks openly about C-section birth with son Theo

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  • Peter Andre’s wife Emily MacDonagh has admitted during an interview with Lorraine Kelly that she felt ‘disappointed’ about having a C-section with her second child.

    The couple married in 2015, a year after the birth of their daughter Amelia in January of the previous year, and the 28-year-old revealed how her first birth with their daughter had been relatively straightforward.

    ‘When I had Milly I was so happy with how the birth went,’ she told Lorraine.

    However, she went on to reveal that the birth of their second child, Theodore – who was born in December 2016 – didn’t go anywhere near as smoothly.

    ‘Theo was breech,’ Emily detailed. ‘The birth its self was fine – I planned a natural labour which I couldn’t have so ended up having a C-section.’

    ‘I felt disappointed, like I’d let him down as it is more risky having a C-section.’

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    She also admitted that her job as a doctor does make it worse, saying: ‘I see the complicated labours and when things go wrong so I worried about a lot unnecessarily. But the c-section was fine, it was the recovery that was hard. Harder than I thought it would be, and I struggled with managing the pain.’

    ‘It took about 6 weeks to feel normal, I was lucky to have Pete, he was fantastic he was looking after me as well as the baby.’

    Emily added that she’d never had a birth plan, as she’d seen too many mothers become anxious during labour when they weren’t able to follow theirs.

    She went on to urge mothers to ‘do what’s right for them’, but reminded them that a C-section is not the ‘easy’ option that she had originally thought.

    ‘I had heard of “too posh to push” so thought this has to be the easy option but I was so shocked – it was so much harder than I ever imagined.’

    ‘Having done both I can tell you that c-section is hard,’ she continued.

    ‘I would rather not have a c-section, given the choice. I had a quick and natural birth with Milly so next time I’d prefer that, though I say next time but who knows…’