‘Ems had just been through hell’: Peter Andre reveals details of Emily’s ‘traumatic’ birth

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  • Peter Andre and his wife Emily MacDonagh have revealed more details about the birth of their new son, Theo.

    Speaking to OK! Magazine for the first time since the birth of their baby, the couple revealed some traumatic details behind the painful labour that Emily endured.

    Before even going into labour, Emily, 27, was experiencing up to 50 Braxton Hicks contractions a day when she was just 34-weeks pregnant – a painful omen of the difficult birth that was to come.

    The mother of two had always planned a natural birth, but during a routine check up she was told that Theo would be breech and that’s when the difficulties began.

    Emily told OK!, ‘I went to hospital and they tried to turn him from the outside, which was quite painful, but I didn’t want a C-section so I had to get through it. They tried three times but he kept flipping back around.’

    Emily then had to return to hospital to receive injections to help her son’s lungs develop, which is when the call to have a C-section was made. Emily admitted how disappointed she was, ‘I felt robbed of having a natural birth but at least he’s healthy.’

    Of course, it was all worth it in the end and as Pete describes, Emily is ‘besotted’ with their new baby.

    ‘Ems was besotted instantly, she was crying saying to the baby: “I’m so in love with you!” I was thinking. “God. This has been so traumatic!”,’ Peter said.

    Despite being a wonderful moment, Pete has revealed he felt guilty for being so happy when Emily had endured so much pain.

    ‘Of course, I got emotional seeing my baby for the first time, but also seeing Ems going though so much trauma. I had the greatest gift in the world, but Ems had just been though hell.’

    Peter took to Twitter to confirm that the pair have chosen the name Theodore James for their new arrival, writing: ‘Theo it is then Or Theodore James Andre (a) To be precise πŸ˜€’

    Theo joins the couple’s elder daughter Amelia, whom they often refer to as Millie, and Junior and Princess, Peter’s children from his marriage to Katie Price.

    A spokesperson for the singer, 43, confirmed the news that Emily had given birth on 22nd November with a short statement: ‘Peter and Emily are both extremely happy. Both mother and baby are doing fine.’

    Peter also took to social media to thank well-wishers saying he was ‘buzzing’ after the birth.

    Earlier this month, Emily, 27, predicted that she may give birth early. Speaking to OK! magazine, she said, ‘I’m due mid-December but I had Millie three weeks early, so it could come in six weeks’ time.

    ‘I could also end up having the baby really close to Christmas. We’re just going to make sure we’re super-organised for whenever the baby arrives.’

    Peter confirmed that his doctor wife was expecting their second child with an emotional Instagram post.

    OMG dad to be AGAIN :))) Brilliant. So so happyπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸΌ

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    Peter and Emily first met in 2012 and tied the knot in a romantic ceremony in July 2015. The couple welcomed Amelia in 2014 and Pete has previously hinted that they’d be expanding their brood even further – but it’d have to be soon!

    Speaking to OK, he said: ‘Emily is 27, she’s got two kids and she loves it. She’s still got so much time if she wants to have more – but I don’t want to be changing nappies at 50, even though I’m a very young 43 year old.

    ‘I’m one of six, and my dad is one of 12 – and I really can see myself having at least six kids.’