Heartbroken parents issue safety warning after their son passes away in his baby swing

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  • The parents of a boy who passed away in his baby swing have issued a warning to other parents about the dangers of leaving their children unsupervised, even for short periods of time.

    Emma Granger and Jeremy Rainsford told reporters at The West Australian that their son Kayden had been left alone for no more than 10 minutes when he was found pale and limp in his swing.

    Despite Jeremy immediately calling the emergency services and giving his son CPR, Kayden died in his parents’ arms in hospital later that day.

    The pair explained that they thought Kayden, who had been fed and burped before being put into the swing, was likely to have choked on his vomit in his sleep, but said that they will need to wait until after his autopsy to find out the exact cause of his passing.

    They added that Kayden had always loved sitting in his swinging seat and they did not believe it to be connected to his death.

    Emma Granger

    Emma Granger updated her cover photo.

    The grieving couple also issued a heartfelt plea to parents of other children to ensure that they’re supervised wherever possible.

    ‘Don’t leave your children to sleep in those swings and don’t leave them in there unsupervised for too long,’ Emma said.

    ‘We want to help other parents realise that it just takes five minutes to turn around or walk out and a child is gone. I want to stop this from happening to other people because it is a parent’s worst nightmare.

    ‘You never think this will happen to you. But we do have to be strong because we have another little one that needs us and we can’t just shut ourselves off because we have got to look after him. For him, we have to be strong.’

    Jake Brooks, a friend of the family, has set up a GoFundMe page to help cover Kayden’s funeral costs.

    ‘Fly high beautiful angel, and be the brightest star at night for you family,’ he wrote on the fundraising site. ‘We all love you so much, Kayden – you will be forever in our hearts little man.’