Emma Willis: ‘I love being a mum’

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  • TV presenter Emma Willis (Big Brother’s Bit on the Side, I’m a Celeb Australia) talks to goodtoknow about being pregnant, eating feta cheese and how she loves being a mum. Here’s the full story…

    How has this pregnancy been different or similar to your first one so far?

    I didn’t have much trouble with my first pregnancy but this one has been very different. I’ve felt much sicker and ill this time. I’ve found it considerably harder on my body. With Isabelle I felt a lot fitter and seemed to have more energy. It’s been a lot more tiring this time round.

    Any weird cravings? Do you worry about gaining baby weight?

    Not weird ones as such but feta and grapes – I’m loving feta cheese! And no, I’m not bothered. I think it took me about 2 years after the first pregnancy to really get back to how I was before. I think it should just be natural.

    How are you feeling today?

    Today? Tired! I have a 1am finish at work most nights and I like to get up and see Isabelle before school so I don’t end up getting much sleep! I am also feeling sick – so not so good!

    How long was it before you returned to work?

    I actually didn’t do anything for a while after Isabelle was born, probably for about 5 months. Then I started doing bits and pieces so it wasn’t too bad leaving her as it wasn’t like I was leaving her for long stints. Although, Matt and I did go to LA for work in the December when she was only 6 months old – it was really hard leaving Isabelle. We had to leave her for 4 or 5 days and it was a killer! I cried on the way there, I cried when we arrived and got to the hotel and I missed her so much, we’d iChat every day and I would cry when we said goodbye and logged off! Although she got spoilt rotten whilst she was staying with my parents – she probably didn’t care as much as we did!

    And now Isabelle is 2 years old – how’s it going? How are you finding being a mum?

    I absolutely love being a mum, I LOVE it. The things Isabelle comes out with now are so funny! She’ll look at me and say things like ‘I’m really going to miss you.’ I’m not sure whether she knows exactly what that means, but it’s just so sweet! And the other day we dropped Matt off at the station and she said, ‘be careful, Daddy!’ She’s hilarious, she’s at such a brilliant age, it’s awesome. She’s developing incredibly fast.

    We do a lot of recipes on the site, so I was wondering if you have a signature dish you make at home? Or if Isabelle has a favourite meal?

    We do a mean chicken curry at home! With Isabelle, early on, I tried her on a variety of foods, so she’s grown-up being used to a good, varied diet. I wouldn’t say she has a particular favourite dish, she’ll eat anything and rarely says ‘no’ to any kind of food! She’s really good with flavours and spices, she loves curries, chillies and likes fish and salmon especially. Isabelle also really loves veg mash. I mash up potatoes and some vegetables, like carrot and swede, and add mint sauce and she loves it – it’s a great way of getting the kids to eat vegetables.

    It felt like a long summer this year – what did you get up to apart from hosting Big Brother’s Bit on the Side?

    It has been pretty hectic this summer, especially with Big Brother and all the festivals going on! I also fronted the Alpro Breakfest festival campaign, which was all about showing people how to feel good and have a healthy festival breakfast.

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