England flag face paint

Let your little ones show their support for their fave players with this cool England face paint design - they'll love it!

England face paint
(Image credit: Snazaroo)

Let your little ones show their support for their fave players with this cool England face paint design - they'll love it!

The atmosphere of the World Cup 2014 is bound to be so exciting for kids and grown ups alike! So whether it's your little ones dying to show their support for their favourite superstar players with this fun England face paint (or just your other half dying to release his inner child) here's exactly how to create the perfect England face paint look with the Cross of Saint George.

To paint the England face paint first find a comfortable place to work and cover surfaces in case of spillages and mucky fingers. Using a water-based face paint is best as they wash off really easily with a little soap and water. Face paint is safe to use on most skin types but you should always do a patch test of the paint on the back of your child's hand. If there is no reaction in an hour or so it should be safe to use.

To create the England face paint you will need:

  • A pot of clean water

  • Water-based face paint in white and bright red

  • Face painting sponges

  • 1 thick paintbrush

England face paint: step 1

(Image credit: Snazaroo)

Using a damp face painting sponge, cover the whole of your child's face in white paint. Apply a second coat if you want to make it brighter.

goodtoknow tip: make sure little ones keep their eyes tightly shut to prevent any sore eyes.

England face paint: step 2

England face paint

(Image credit: Snazaroo)

Take the red paint and using your thick brush paint a wide vertical stripe from the middle of the forehead, right down to the bottom of the chin.

Next, use the same brush to draw another stripe, horizontally from cheek to cheek, and crossing over the nose in the middle.

Now you're ready to cheer on our boys!

This brilliant face painting idea has been created by Snazaroo (opens in new tab).

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