These are the baby names that younger mums prefer

baby names
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Baby names can be tricky, with many parents finding it hard to settle on the perfect name. And it seems younger mums actually prefer different names to the older generation.

There’s definitely a big difference in baby names when it comes to younger mums.

The average age of first-time mums in England and Wales is currently 28.9, but there are still babies being born to mums under 25.

In 2018, there was over 18,000 babies born to under-25s, according to the Office of National Statistics.

More ‘traditional’ boys names like Jack, Thomas, Henry, William and Joshua aren’t favoured as much by younger mothers.

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Similarly, ‘traditional’ names like Emily, Charlotte, Florence, Sophie and Evelyn also appear to be less popular.

The top name for boys born to younger mothers was Noah, followed by Oliver, Leo and Archie.

Could the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's son Archie have something to do with that last name?

baby names

Noah was the most popular boy's name among young parents. (Credit: Getty)

Alfie, Logan, Oscar and George came next, followed by Freddie and Hunter to complete the top ten.

Charlie came in at number 11, followed by Theo, Harry, Mason and Arthur.

Jacob was the 16th favourite name, followed by Isaac, Muhammad, Riley and Lucas at number 20.

Girls names were interesting too, with many young mothers choosing Amelia for their baby girl.

baby names

Many baby girls born to young mums were named Amelia (Credit: Getty)

Olivia was second on the list, followed by Ava, Isla, and Harper.

In at number six was Isabella, then Mia, Ella, Ivy and Scarlett making up the top 10.

Evie was number 11, followed by Lily, Willow, Poppy and Freya.

It seems that flower and plant inspired names are favoured among younger parents!

Sophia, Layla, Aria, Elsie and Grace completed the top 20.

It's interesting to see how some of these names compare to the predicted top baby names of 2020.

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