These baby names are predicted to be the most popular in 2020

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  • If you’re expecting a baby next year, you’ll be very familiar with the struggles that come with choosing a name.

    Whether you’d like your baby to have a popular name or you’d prefer to choose something more unique, this new list from Bloom & Wild will help you predict which baby names are expected to be common next year.

    The flower company have conducted a study to find out which names are likely to be big in 2020 and discovered that flowers, film, TV and celebrities all have an influence on baby names.

    Ivy is likely to do well because of Beyoncé’s daughter Blue Ivy, who has been in the spotlight since the day she was born.

    Another baby who’s no stranger to the spotlight is Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s son Archie, which is why a surge in popularity is expected here.

    Bloom & Wild note that, ‘In the past, data has shown similar uplift in royal baby names such as Charlotte and George.’

    Even Meghan herself is predicted to inspire new mums, even though Bloom & Wild note that it differs from the more widely known spelling “Megan”.

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    Next is Jasmine, after the Disney Princess in the popular Aladdin film and subsequent remake. Since it grossed $1.050bn at the global box office this year, Bloom & Wild reckon it could be a popular choice.

    Sticking to the Disney Princess theme, Isabella, Isabelle and Bella have all been inspired by Beauty and the Beast protagonist Belle, and make up the top three names for TV and film inspired names.

    Following the popularity of award-winning BBC drama series Killing Eve, it’s no surprise that the name Eve is expected to do well next year as well, despite the grisly nature of the programme!

    Musicians are set to inspire baby names too, with Edward predicted to be popular among new baby boys, after pop star Ed Sheeran. Since he’s one of the biggest selling artists of 2019, it’s not that surprising.

    For girls, Ariana and Billie might surge in popularity as a result of pop stars Ariana Grande and Billie Eilish who have both grown in popularity over the last year.

    In 2011, Ariana increased in popularity rising from 145 to 458 Ariana’s born in 2018. It’s expected to be widely used in 2020 too.

    And of course, they ended their study by looking at floral first names.

    Speaking about popular choices, Bloom & Wild’s Head of Brand Marisa Thomas said, “Floral names such as Poppy and Lily continue to be popular names for girls, and we’re also starting to see a resurgence of older names such as Ivy and Violet. Also on the up are more unusual floral names like Willow. We think rarer choices like this will continue to grow in popularity over the next few years.”

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