This viral baby sleep hack will make bedtimes amazingly easy - and costs next to nothing!

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An amazingly easy hack for baby bedtimes has gone viral.

Any parent (opens in new tab) currently living life with a baby (opens in new tab) will be familiar with the struggles that bedtimes can bring (opens in new tab).

If your tiny tot is prone to bursting into tears and making a big fuss when you try to put them down in their cot (opens in new tab) at night - it could be because they're not a fan of the feeling of chilly bed sheets.

But there's a seriously easy way to solve this problem and we bet you already have everything you need - spoiler, a hot water bottle!

A Facebook post has attracted lots of attention from parents facing nighttime struggles but has shared the ultimate solution.


BEDTIME BATTLES - not all babies love their bed!


Babies can kick up a FUSS when you put them down in their crib or cot! A gently warmed mattress might be the answer to all your problems!


,' the post on BabyDoc Club IRL says. 


Nothing worse than going from Mum or Dad's lovely warm arms to CHILLY cot sheets!



Popping a warm water bottle into the cot for 10-15 minutes BEFORE putting baby down can help take the "burrrrr"...out of bedtime and get baby to settle quicker!




There's some important safety rules to follow if you're going to rely on this hack though!

'DO NOT LEAVE the water bottle in the crib/cot when you put baby in! It is only to gently warm the sheets BEFORE bedtime!


This is an oldie but a goodie and could help if you are struggling with settling baby. Have you tried this baby sleep hack?



,' the upload finally reads. 

Commenters flooded to share their experiences and praised the simple trick for saving bedtime screams.

'I used this, it was a lifesaver,' one said.

'Worked wonders to get my little guy used to his crib. Now we don’t need to do it anymore,' wrote another impressed mum.