This viral baby sleep hack will make bedtimes amazingly easy – and costs next to nothing!

Perfect for chilly winter nights...
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  • An amazingly easy hack for baby bedtimes has gone viral.

    Any parent currently living life with a baby will be familiar with the struggles that bedtimes can bring.

    If your tiny tot is prone to bursting into tears and making a big fuss when you try to put them down in their cot at night – it could be because they’re not a fan of the feeling of chilly bed sheets.

    But there’s a seriously easy way to solve this problem and we bet you already have everything you need – spoiler, a hot water bottle!

    A Facebook post has attracted lots of attention from parents facing nighttime struggles but has shared the ultimate solution.

    BEDTIME BATTLES – not all babies love their bed!😫 Babies can kick up a FUSS when you put them down in their crib or cot! A gently warmed mattress might be the answer to all your problems! 🤞,’ the post on BabyDoc Club IRL says. 

    Nothing worse than going from Mum or Dad’s lovely warm arms to CHILLY cot sheets! ❄️

    Popping a warm water bottle into the cot for 10-15 minutes BEFORE putting baby down can help take the “burrrrr”…out of bedtime and get baby to settle quicker!🤞😴

    There’s some important safety rules to follow if you’re going to rely on this hack though!

    DO NOT LEAVE the water bottle in the crib/cot when you put baby in! It is only to gently warm the sheets BEFORE bedtime!

    This is an oldie but a goodie and could help if you are struggling with settling baby. Have you tried this baby sleep hack? 🙋✅,’ the upload finally reads. 

    Commenters flooded to share their experiences and praised the simple trick for saving bedtime screams.

    I used this, it was a lifesaver,’ one said.

    Worked wonders to get my little guy used to his crib. Now we don’t need to do it anymore,’ wrote another impressed mum.