Best cot beds 2022: tried and tested cot beds for your baby and toddler

Looking for the best cot beds for your baby or toddler? Read our tried and tested parent reviews to find the right one for your family

Little Wren Cot Bed - our pick as the best cot bed
(Image credit: Great Little Trading Company)

Cot beds are a brilliant buy because, unlike a conventional cot, your baby can sleep in a cot bed beyond toddlerhood, when you can convert it to a big kid's bed. But how do you work out which are the best cot beds to consider buying? And how do you choose the right one for your baby or child?

We've shortlisted our pick of the best cot beds, then assembled a panel of mums to put them to the test. All the cot beds featured are suitable from birth. Our testers tried them out over several weeks with their babies, aged between 12 weeks and two years old. When you've decided which is the best cot bed for you, check out our best sleep aids (opens in new tab)buying guide too.

Best cot bed 2022 - our top pick

The Little Wren Cot Bed from Great Little Trading Company (opens in new tab) wins our vote in the overall best cot beds category. Its design appeal is off the charts. It looks like a luxurious, high-end product, but without a premium price tag. In particular, we like its stylish look and feel. You don't need to buy any pricy extras because they're all included. That's a real bonus as no one likes annoying hidden extra costs.

Best cot beds 2022 - tried and tested

Best cot beds overall: Great Little Trading Company Little Wren Cot Bed

Credit: Great Little Trading Company

1. Great Little Trading Company Little Wren Cot Bed

Best cot bed overall - a robust and stylish contemporary cot bed


Dimensions: 93 x 145 x 74.5 cm
Mattress required: 140 x 70 x 10 cm
RRP: £340

Reasons to buy

Classic, beautiful design
Safe, robust and sturdy
Easy to assemble and adjust

Reasons to avoid

Drawer sold separately 
Costlier than other cots – but worth it

Tried and tested by: Donna and her seven-month-old Daisy

The Little Wren Cot Bed from the Great Little Trading Company (opens in new tab)is made from solid pine with a white painted finish. It's suitable from birth to four years old. It has three mattress height settings, so you can lower the base as your baby gets older. This makes it easy to reach your newborn but also helps prevent adventurous toddlers from climbing out. The cot has fixed side panels and converts to a first bed, with a toddler rail included. The recommended mattress is sold separately (£125). (opens in new tab)

This is a timeless, stylish and robust cot bed. It will look beautiful in any nursery, according to our tester Donna, who is mum to seven-month-old Daisy. "There is a real sense of class about it," she says. "It oozes quality and you can tell it will last many years."

Donna found the instructions easy to follow when it came to assembling the cot bed. "I put it together on my own during one of Daisy’s shorter naps," she says. "After putting the base too low to start with, I had practice changing the height. It was really straightforward to adjust."

Although it's expensive, Donna feels this cot bed is worth the price because it's so well-made. "It has a solid pine frame and sturdy plywood base, and with the Nutkin mattress you have a beautiful, well-made cot bed which feels like it will last for years," she says. “I previously looked at mattresses costing around £50 and the difference in quality is vast, showing it's well worth spending more money for better quality."

To convert the cot into a toddler bed, you simply remove one of the cot’s side panels and attach the toddler rail supplied. Under-cot storage drawers and a range of matching furniture are available to buy separately if you like the co-ordinated look.

“The stand-out feature of this cot is how robust it is,” says Donna. “It's sturdy but light enough to move around when I'm changing Daisy’s cot sheets. And it really is beautiful to look at.”

Best premium cotbeds: La Redoute Willox Adjustable Cot Bed

Credit: La Redoute

2. La Redoute Willox Adjustable Cot Bed

Best premium cot bed - a beautifully designed, vintage-style design


Weighs: 88.5 x 75.5 x 149.5 cm
Mattress required: 70 x 140cm
RRP: £525

Reasons to buy

Beautiful and unique
Usable for many years

Reasons to avoid


Tried and tested by: Gemma who is mum to Boden, 13 months

This is a sturdy and stylish cot bed with three adjustable heights so that you can adjust it as your baby grows. Eventually, you can remove the bars altogether to create a bench-style bed.

Our tester Gemma Fromage-Crawford is mum to Boden, 13 months. She built the cot bed in an hour and found the instructions easy to follow. "The Willox Adjustable Cot Bed (opens in new tab) is available in two colours – off-white or green – and we opted for green as it looked very unique," she explains.

"I was curious to see the colour in real-life as colours can look different online but I wasn't disappointed. It's a beautiful shade of green. Previously, I had only ever considered a traditional white cot bed but this has totally changed my mind. And even though it's described as vintage, it's a stunning, stylish piece that would look great in a modern nursery."

At bedtime, the cot bed easily stood up to the ‘trampoline test’ inflicted on it by our little tester. "Like many other little ones, Boden loves to hold onto the frame and bounce up and down," says Gemma. "He also uses the bars to pull himself up to a standing position, so the frame takes a lot of his weight. From an online description or photo, you can't always judge how robust baby furniture will be, but the Willox seems very sturdy and well made."

Overall, Gemma was wowed by this cot. "Boden seemed very happy and content in it – he drifted off easily and slept well," she says. "The cot is a beautiful, unique addition to our nursery. The only problem is that now we're tempted to buy all the matching furniture!"

Mack & Milo Amburgey Cot Bed with Mattress is our pick as the best budget cot bed

Credit: Wayfair

3. Mack & Milo Amburgey Cot Bed with Mattress

Best budget cot bed - a highly affordable cot bed with mattress and storage drawer included


Dimensions: 90 x 65 x 124 cm
Mattress required: 60 x 120cm (included)
RRP: £179.99

Reasons to buy

Sleek and stylish
Handy storage drawer
Toddler bed guard included

Reasons to avoid

Less sturdy than other cot beds
Tricky instructions 
Visible screws

Tried and tested by: Emma and her one-year-old son Charlie 

This simple but stylish solid pine cot bed is suitable from birth to three years. It comes with a mattress included and has an in-built storage drawer. In terms of value for money, this is one of the best cot beds you could buy.

Our tester, Emma, wasn't expecting this to be a premium product. However, she was pleasantly surprised when she put it to the test with her one-year-old son, Charlie. "The quality was beyond what I expected for the price," she says. "It's a lovely, simple design that looks great in my son's room."

The cot bed was easy to assemble, although the instructions are a little complicated. However, adjusting the base height and converting the cot to a toddler bed is very straightforward.

But the large storage drawer and adjustable base are what make this one of the best cot beds if you're on a budget. "A storage drawer is a feature I'd expect on a premium cot bed, not a budget model – it's so useful and helps make a busy toddler's mess a bit more manageable," says Emma. "I felt confident loading it with blankets, toys and all sorts of things I want hide neatly out of sight. I really like that there's an extra base panel for when the mattress position is higher, too. This keeps the contents of the drawer covered, so the sleek, minimal design isn't spoiled."

Emma found the cot rattled when her toddler shook the sides. The finish is also a little less luxurious than other cots – something we'd expect, given that this cot bed costs less than £150. "The screws that hold the bed together are visible on the edges of the wood, which detracts a little from the overall minimal, stylish look," she says. "The edge of the toddler bed guard also seems a little sharp on the corners."

That said, if you're buying a cot bed on a budget and want more than the basics in terms of style and design without spending more, this is definitely one of the best cot beds for you.

Mamas & Papas Franklin Cot Bed

Credit: Mamas and Papas

4. Mamas & Papas Franklin Cot Bed

A luxurious, sturdy cot bed with storage drawer and hanging rail


Dimensions: 91 x 75 x 155 cm
Mattress required: 140 x 70 x 10cm
RRP: £489

Reasons to buy

Excellent build quality
Easy to convert to a bed
Under bed storage

Reasons to avoid

Less compact than other cot beds
Expensive – but it's a premium product

Tried and tested by: Annie and her 12-week-old Leo

Mamas & Papas Franklin Cot Bed (opens in new tab) is available in white or grey. It has an under-bed storage drawer to help save space and a handy hanging rail for storing muslins or blankets. It's suitable from birth to four years, and the adjustable base has two height positions. Teething rails are included.

Annie Quinn, mum to 12-week-old Leo, put it to the test. "My first impressions were that it looked very stylish and the drawer would come in very handy," she says. "The whole process from delivery to assembly couldn't have been easier. This is a beautiful, stylish cot bed that will save you money and a lot of hassle in the long run."

Happily, putting the cot together was a doddle. "We've put together many many flat packs in the past, but none of those compares to how easy this was to assemble," she says. "The instructions were so easy to read and every element was labelled alphabetically, making it foolproof - even for those who've never put together flat-pack furniture!"

Our tester's favourite feature is the storage drawer. "This may seem like a minor detail, but when you have limited storage space in your home, a drawer beneath the cot is a major help. I keep bed sheets, blankets, swaddles and towels in it."

Overall, Annie feels this is a classy and well-made cot bed. "At first glance, this seems a bit pricey, especially if you're on a budget," she says. "But you can see the quality and craftsmanship the moment you look at it. It's a real statement piece. I haven't stopped talking about it or taking photos of it. I am genuinely so happy with this cot bed and would recommend it to anyone."

SnüzKot Skandi Cot Bed is our pick as one of the best

Credit: SnüzKot

5. SnüzKot Skandi Cot Bed

A beautiful, Scandinavian-style cot bed that can be used up to age ten


Dimensions: 72 x 133 x 89 cm
Mattress required: 68 x 117 (SnuzSurface SnuzKot Mattress)
RRP: £379

Reasons to buy

Looks beautiful 
Will last a long time
Great quality mattress

Reasons to avoid

Complicated to assemble
Expensive (mattress and extension kit additional expenses)

Tried and tested by: Kate and her son, Blake, aged six months