Biggest baby name regrets reveal important 'lesson' parents need to follow

A list of the top ten most commonly changed baby names in the US have been published and the results might surprise you

Biggest baby name regrets reveal important 'lesson' for parents
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Expectant parents, take note ‒ a list of the most commonly changed baby names in the US has been published and it reveals an important 'lesson' on choosing your newborn's lifelong moniker. 

It's no secret that deciding what to call your child can be a major stress, with many folks worrying about the long-term impact a name could have on their kid's future. 

The ordeal leads a lot of parents to seek inspiration from lists of cute baby names or to check out the most popular baby names of the year, in the hope of reducing the unlikely headache that comes with bringing life into the world. 

In some cases, however, the stress of such a major commitment (often coupled with all the exhaustion from labor) can also lead to parents not thinking clearly and even misspelling their child's name. 


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A TikTok video revealing the top 10 names that are most commonly changed in the US has recently gone viral and yes, you guessed it the emergency switch-ups are sometimes attributed to a simple blunder on the birth cert. The short clip, which was created and shared by name consultant Steph (opens in new tab), showed that 'Issac', 'Chole', 'Aiden', and 'Conner' earned the status for being the names with the shortest life expectancy.  

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"Let this be a lesson to look up your child's name ahead of time," Steph joked.

Other monikers to make the top 10 list of most commonly-changed baby names included Elliot, Michael, James, Isabella, Sophia, and David. The fascinating data was collected by the Social Security Administration and first published in The Washington Post (opens in new tab), before making the rounds on various media outlets. 

It remains unknown why these six names, which all retain their traditional spelling, are also likely to be scrapped by the parents at the last minute. In the case of David, the decision could be related to the name's falling popularity. (The Biblical name has been on the decline in the UK since 1992). On the flip side, parents might also be put off settling on very popular names, like Michael, and want to give their child something a little more special instead.